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ecorating a small apartment may seem overwhelming to many, it can be done easily with some tricks in mind.

Use multipurpose furnishings

  • Use a coffee table as a desk.
  • Use a sofa bed. If you live in an apartment and don’t have enough space for two separate beds, try using the sofa as one! It’s perfect for when you need to sleep over at someone’s place or just want to get some rest after working all day long.
  • Use a sofa as a couch (and vice versa). Instead of having two separate sofas, why not just use one piece of large furniture that serves both purposes? This way, you’ll be able to save precious space while still keeping your living room looking neat and tidy!

Mount a floating desk in the kitchen

Floating desks are a great option for small spaces, as they can be used as a workstation or dining table. They can also be built-in or free standing, and can be constructed from a variety of materials. Floating desks come in all sizes, so you can pick one that fits perfectly into your apartment’s layout.

Install a built-in wine rack.

  • Install a built-in wine rack.
  • Wine is one of those things that can be both useful and decorative, and if you have the space for it, installing a built-in wine rack is an easy way to make your small apartment feel less cramped while also adding some character. It’s also an ideal spot for storing glassware or other items that need to be kept away from direct sunlight or heat.

Consider the benefits of working with your building’s super

When you’re living in a shared space, it’s important to get along with the people who share it with you. The super is one of those people, and he can be a great resource when you need help with repairs or maintenance. He also has access to information like the availability of empty apartments and roommates in the building.

Try an uncommon coffee table

  • Use a trunk or ottoman as a coffee table.
  • Use a low coffee table.
  • Choose a piece of furniture that has built-in storage compartments, such as this chest with two drawers under the top surface and one drawer at each end.
  • Add power strips to your furniture pieces, like these space-saving power strips that mount directly onto the backside of your cabinet doors.
  • Add USB ports and outlets in your living room so you can charge devices without needing to use up all the limited outlet space available on standard nightstand lamps (for example, this one from Amazon).

Hack some space for storage under your bed

  • If your bed is low to the ground, a shoe rack can help you hide some clutter.
  • A storage box or bench could work as well—there are many different options to choose from.
  • Or try an ottoman for extra seating and storage space!
  • Use a chest or trunk when you need both storage and room for clothes.

Make a sofa-bed combo work for you

Sofa-bed combos are often a must-have for small apartments, but they can be a bit of a hassle. They take up a lot of space and are hard to move around the apartment.

Here’s how to make your sofa-bed combo work for you:

  • Make sure it’s comfortable. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable bed when you’re tired or sick! You’ll have more incentive to stay in bed if it’s nice and soft. You also don’t want to wake up with back pain after sleeping on this awkward piece of furniture all night long! If possible, try out different beds before deciding on one (or ask friends who have already bought these types of beds).
  • Use sheets that fit perfectly with this type of mattress so that no matter which way your guest lays down on top, there won’t be any gaps between them and the bed frame where dust could collect over time which would cause allergy problems later on down the road should someone decide not clean regularly enough due

Create more space with mirrors

Mirrors are a simple way to create the illusion of more space. You can use them to reflect light, add depth and make your room feel bigger. For example, if you have a window with a view outside it, you can strategically place mirrors on either side of that window so that when you look through it you’ll see two windows instead of one—and therefore double the amount of natural light coming into your home. Similarly, if there are any elements in your apartment space which already create an interesting reflection (like art or plants), try placing a mirror opposite them as another way to increase visual interest and make your room feel larger than it really is!

Add an accent wall without paint

Add an accent wall without paint

If you don’t have the budget for a professional painting job, consider using wallpaper to add interest to your space. You can also choose one of the most popular ways of doing it: sticking large mirrors all over the walls. This will create the illusion that your apartment is bigger than it actually is and make it seem like there are more windows in your room.

If you’d rather spend less money on decorating, try putting up large pieces of art or art installations instead. Hang paintings from floor to ceiling in groups across a few walls (you can find cheap ones on Etsy) and use what’s left over for smaller pieces that fit together to form one big piece of art. This way, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck!

Decorate with wall decals

Wall decals are a great way to add a pop of color to your space. They can be used on any smooth surface, such as walls, doors and cabinets; making them an affordable alternative to paint or wallpaper. Wall decals are also a great way to save money on decorating since they’re reusable and easy to apply and remove.

Set up shelves over the windowsill.

You can use shelves to display your favorite books, houseplants and other decorative items. Shelves are a great way to add storage space without taking up floor space. If you don’t have much room for furniture, consider installing a shelf above the window in your living room or bedroom. This will give you extra storage space without taking up too much room on the floor. You can also use these shelves as a place to display some of your favorite knick-knacks and decor pieces like framed pictures of friends or family members or even plants! The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with this type of furniture piece!

Get a pergola structure on your balcony.

A pergola structure is a great way to add some shade to your balcony. You can build one with wood, metal, or plastic and use it as a living space or hang plants from it.

liven up your window space with planters.

Liven up your window space with planters.

Window sill planters are the best way to make a small space feel more inviting. They can be used for growing plants or holding shoes, but they’re also great for holding candles and phones, books, drinks… anything at all!

Use pieces that have both function and style.

  • Use pieces that have both function and style.
  • A sofa with a bed, coffee table with storage, shelves that double as storage space and even beds that can be used as sofas or desks are all viable options for small spaces.

these are some really great tips for an apartment on a budget!

Small apartments are the worst. They’re cramped and cluttered, but you still have to try to make them look nice. These tips will help you do that.

  • Use a rug! This is important because it makes your small apartment feel bigger and also softens up the hardwood floors (if you have them).
  • Go for bold colors! It’s easier to decorate a small space when there isn’t too much furniture or art work in it, so go wild with the color choice if you can afford some paint or new art pieces!
  • Consider buying smaller things like vases, plants or bookshelves instead of full sized furniture pieces that would take up more space in your apartment than they need to be taking up anyway!

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