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Lazy Cat

  • Cat ears: Lazy cat costumes are the easiest, no-brainer Halloween costume of all time. All you need is some black cat ears to complete the look. If you want to get crafty, however, you can make your own cat ears using duct tape and sketching pencils!
  • Cat makeup: For a more dramatic effect, try out some feline makeup or even just line your eyes with black eyeliner and draw whiskers on your cheeks—the lazier look may be just right for you!

But don’t worry if these designs aren’t quite doing it for you—this costume idea is so fun that anyone can pull it off with ease!


  • Wear a white sheet.
  • Cut out some eye holes, to see where you’re going and who’s watching.
  • Make sure it’s not too long or short so that you don’t trip over it while walking around campus!
  • Don’t be scared to try new things, like wearing different colors of sheets, or even cutting out more than just eye holes!
  • If you want to look extra scary, paint your face white (or use makeup) before putting on the ghost costume.


If you want to be a scarecrow, all you need is a straw hat and some flannel. For the shirt, I recommend black or red plaid flannel. If your budget allows it, get jeans in a similar color scheme (or if not, just wear old jeans that are already in your closet).

For face paint and props: use browns and yellows for freckles and dirt on the face; carry around a pitchfork as you walk around.


Now that you know what you need and where to get it, let’s get started! I will show you how to create your zombie costume step-by-step.

  • Makeup. To create a zombie look, the best thing to do is use Halloween makeup that looks like skin with stretched out and torn flesh. You can buy this at any Halloween store or Walgreens or even Walmart! It comes in powder form and is super cheap so don’t worry about spending a lot of time or money on this part of the costume (but if you want something more realistic then go ahead!)
  • Clothes. All that’s needed for this section is an old t-shirt, dark pants/jeans & shoes (maybe socks if they’re visible). The idea behind these clothes is simple: make sure everything’s dirty so it looks like he just crawled out from under his house after being dead for months…or years! You can also add some blood splatters here & there but just make sure not too much because otherwise it might look cheesy instead of scary…and who wants cheesy? No one does!!!

Where’s Waldo

You’ll need a white and red sweater, a red and white cap, black framed glasses, and some accessories to make this costume work. You can also go all out with the Waldo costume if you’re planning on attending a party or event where photos will be taken.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States, representing American women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. Although she was not real, Rosie has become an important symbol of feminism. You can look like her by wearing a blue bandana tied around your head, one or two red buttons on your shirt (the number depends on how many shifts you’ve worked), and some overalls.

Waldo (and Wenda)

  • What you need:
  • Black leggings or pants (or a black skirt)
  • A white t-shirt with red stripes across the chest. I would recommend buying one of these instead of trying to make it yourself, because it’s really difficult to get the stripes perfect! You can find one on Amazon for about $12, but if you want an even cheaper option, try finding a plain white tank top and painting on the stripes yourself!
  • Printed out pictures of Waldo from the Where’s Waldo books (or just draw him yourself). If you’re not familiar with Where’s Waldo, check out this article by Wikipedia; I’m sorry if I’ve ruined it by telling you where he is all along haha!
  • A pair of glasses, preferably thick-rimmed ones like in every picture ever taken of Waldo since 1981 when he was introduced into our lives through his first book series “Where’s Wally?” These are available at any optometrist office for about $50 each pair; however, instead consider buying two pairs from Amazon for only $20 total so that both costumes have their own set! It may seem like more trouble than it’s worth but trust me–you’ll save money in the long run by having your own personal supply so that neither friend has to go without while waiting for another person who forgot theirs too late on Halloween night when everyone else already went home before getting back into town again tomorrow morning 🙁

Sam from Trick ‘R Treat

Who better to get you in the Halloween spirit than Sam, the lovable pumpkin boy from Trick ‘R Treat? This is one of those characters that everyone seems to know and love, even if they’ve never seen a horror movie before.

The costume is simple enough for anyone to make at home—you can use a burlap sack or a white sheet as your main piece, and cut out holes for your eyes. You can use any kind of material you want for his mask; some people paint theirs onto paper plates while others (like me) prefer using regular masks that can be bought at any costume store. What really makes this look stand out is how much effort was put into making his face resemble Sam’s: by taking time with small details like drawing on eyebrows and nose hairs, you’ll end up with someone who looks practically identical!

Black Swan

This costume is a classic, but it takes some work. A tutu, black wings and headband are all included in the $30 package. If you want to go all out with the look, you can make your own makeup using YouTube tutorials! Or if you’re feeling lazy, there are professional makeup artists who will do it for you!

Cruella Deville

The Mad Hatter is a great couple’s costume, but Cruella Deville is another great one for women.

Cruella is an easy last-minute costume that’s perfect for a party!

Your best bet for this look is to wear black and make sure you have long hair so that you can style it in a similar way to the character. It’s also important to wear a black wig if you don’t already have long hair!

For your make-up, use foundation or contour on your face, then dark eyeshadow along with fake eyelashes and mascara (optional). For lips: stick with red lipstick or lip gloss (again optional).

The Dollar Store Getup (last-minute costume!)

  • If you don’t have time to put together a Halloween costume, the Dollar Store Getup is for you. This easy last-minute Halloween costume will get you into any college party on time and with minimal effort.
  • To do this look, start by finding a black dollar store shirt (or just a plain t-shirt) and an old pair of jeans that still fit because they’re so tight around your waist. Then take them to a tailor and ask them to cut off the bottoms at an angle so that they look like capri pants. Next, bring them home and slide those babies onto your feet! You’ll need some black ankle boots or ballet flats for this one—but don’t worry! These are super cheap at the dollar store! Now all that’s left is to grab some red lipstick from your makeup bag (in case yours isn’t red enough) then go out there looking like someone who’s made it big but has fallen off hard times

The Little Mermaid’s Ursula the Sea Witch

The main part of this costume is the dress, so start there. You can buy a black dress or use some fabric and make one yourself. If you’re making your own, add purple strips to make it more sea witch-like. A wig with long purple hair will complete the look.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, craft some tentacles from toilet paper rolls and plastic bags and attach them to the bottom of your gown for an extra-spooky effect!

The Cat in the Hat (Dr. Seuss)

This costume is great for a group of friends or for couples. You can all wear any kind of hat, shirt and pants in your favorite color (black). You will also need red bowties, some red socks and maybe a cane.

A Ghostbuster, Ecto-1 Included!

If you want to be an Ecto-1, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A white shirt, preferably with a collar. It should be short sleeved, but not too short!
  • Black pants or leggings that go all the way down to your ankles (no capris allowed)
  • Black shoes (you can wear sneakers or heels if that’s more comfortable)
  • A backpack (optional!)

You may also want to bring along some ghost-catching equipment—for example:

  • Ghostbuster backpack (if you’re using one)
  • Ghostbuster logo stickers and/or pencils

Let’s see how it works together!

Wednesday Addams (Addams Family)

Start with a black dress, a white collar and white socks. Add some pigtails and you’re good to go! If you want to get really into it, you can even play the theme song from The Addams Family in the background while you walk around campus.

Powerful Women of Today — Frida Kahlo and Ruth Bader Ginsberg Costumes!

If you’re looking for something fun and easy to do, consider getting a costume that can be made from things you already have in your closet. Frida Kahlo and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are two powerful women who have inspired so many people over the years. They’re also very easy to dress up as!

It’s true that Frida Kahlo was known for her flowery dresses and love of color while Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore conservative suits with minimal jewelry, but both these women exuded their own kind of confidence. The best part is that these costumes are super easy to make!

These are costumes you can take almost anywhere.

If you want to be festive this Halloween season without breaking the bank, these costumes are perfect for you. The best part? These costumes can be used over and over again! You’re probably thinking that they’re going to look cheap or tacky. But it takes a lot less than you think to make something that looks great in just a few hours of work.

  • You don’t have to sew anything; most of these require only an ironing board, some scissors and some glue!
  • They’re easy enough for even beginners – let’s face it: If a kindergartener can do it (and I know they can), so can you!
  • They take almost no time at all—less than 20 minutes in many cases! So if there ever comes up an excuse not to wear one of these easy college halloween costumes again next year because “it was too much work,” well guess what? That excuse doesn’t exist anymore because these costumes were designed exactly with lazy people like yourself in mind!
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