15 Ways To Best Organize Your Apartment In A Way That You Will Actually Find Everything


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Storage boxes

You’ll probably have a lot of things that you want to store in the same place. Storage boxes are a great way to do this because they can be designed specifically for your needs and items, they can be made from many different materials and they can be used anywhere. For example, you could store your socks in a cardboard box in the drawer or you could use a plastic box on your shelf as an easy way to find all of your pens and pencils. You can even stack boxes on top of each other if you don’t have much space. If you want to make it easier for yourself, then you could personalize each box so that it’s clear what’s inside

  • Handbag

You may think that your handbag is a hidden, chaotic mess, but with these tips it will be an organized spot that you can find what you need in without hesitation.

First things first: take everything out of your purse – this means absolutely everything! Once your purse is empty, decide what you really need to carry around with you and put only those things back in. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if there is something else in the house that could fill its purpose – for instance, do you need to keep a roll of tape in your bag when there are plenty at home? Next, get two bags – one for trash and another for items that belong elsewhere. Then place all the items from each category into their respective bags (i.e., pens into pen-holder). Now you’ve got an organized handbag that’ll make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily!

Shoe Organizer

An easy way to organize your jewelry without having to invest in special jewelry organizers is a shoe organizer that hangs on the back of your door. You can store bracelets and necklaces by looping them through or around the mesh pockets, and you can use a different section for items like earrings, pins, brooches, and watches.

  • Glass Tiles

You can make a beautiful, practical space for your jewelry using clear glass tiles. First, cut the tiles to size based on the shape of your wall space and the number of accessories you want to hang. Use double-sided tape to stick them to the wall. Hang larger jewelry from hooks, but don’t hang too much, or they’ll be hard to see behind. Use a chalk marker to label each tile so you know where everything goes—and if you change your mind later, just wipe off with a cloth!

Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizers are the ultimate space savers. First, they’re great because they come in a variety of sizes, which means you can get one to suit your needs. Second, they’re ideal because they allow you to store things close at hand without taking up precious drawer or cabinet space.

Now that we’ve given you all the reasons to love hanging organizers, here’s our favourite way to use them: put them in your pantry! They are so handy for filling with spices and other small jars in your kitchen.

Best of all? They hang from almost anything! You can hang them from the back of a door, from a closet rod, from a wall hook or screw—you name it!

Jewelry Displays 

We know what you’re thinking: “But won’t my jewelry get dirty or dusty?” No. Just dust your display every once in a while, and keep your jewelry clean by using the tips we included earlier in this article.

It’s also just more convenient to have your jewelry on display where you can see it, so that you can find it more easily when you want to wear it. Plus, what better way to enjoy your beautiful earrings than by having them right there in front of you all the time?

  • Picture Frame and Cork Boards

Whether you get a cork board like this or a picture frame with cork backing, these will be best used to hang your necklaces and earrings from! You can either use the hooks on the back of earrings or stick pins through them to pin them on. For necklaces, you can twist one end of the chain over the hook so that both ends hang down. Or if you don’t want holes in your jewelry and want to keep it pristine, you can invest in some small magnets and glue them onto the backs of your pieces. The necklace will then hang magnetically from the cork board when you bring it close enough! How to hang these is up to you as well! You can either lean them against a wall or door (I recommend against leaning against doors unless they open inward because if it’s leaned against an outward opening door, chances are someone will run into it at some point), or find some push-pins and nail them directly into the wall. Another option would be Command Hooks (these are my personal favorite for everything).

Tiered Trays

Tiered trays are a fun way to display your jewelry. They are easily found in most stores, and come in a variety of colors and designs. You can find them for very little money, and they are the perfect place for holding rings, bracelets or necklaces.

Plates Stands and Holders

Most of the time, when we’re busy arranging our apartment for a big event or cleaning up after a particularly busy day at work, everything seems to be just so messy. It’s immediately obvious that there’s something missing or misplaced and this can easily send us into a frenzy of trying to find it.

If you have trouble finding the things you need in any given moment, we’ve got an easy solution for you: use a plate stand! We use ours all the time—it makes it incredibly easy for us to display our plates and other jewelry in the right place. Of course, as with everything else, there is more than one way to do this in your own home—you can go with the simplistic version that has holes on both sides where you can simply hang your items from by their name cards; alternatively, if you’re looking to stand out from your neighbors, go all out with the double-tiered display option (complete with plate rack!). Whatever style works best for you is what works best for you—we’d just like to encourage everyone listening to spend some time putting their plates and jewelry up on stands!


If you have a cake stand, it can be used to display and store your jewelry. You can hang necklaces on the sides or around the bottom and place rings, earrings, and bracelets on the tiers.

Bracelet Holder

Simply hang a bracelet holder over your doorknob and you will have a great storage solution!

Why it’s awesome: The bracelet holder has small pockets on the side that can be used to store anything from bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even earrings. These holders come in 2 different sizes so you can choose the one that fits best for your needs. Also, these are great for travel or at home! You can also use this as a gift as well!

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

A kitchen utensil organizer can be used to hang your necklaces, and also hold other small items. It can be mounted on a wall for convenience. Or if you don’t want to mount it on the wall, then you can hang it on a door. Inside the caddy are pockets where you can store smaller items such as earrings and rings. There is even space for larger items, like bracelets or watches.

Utility Caddy

If you struggle with finding space for your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings all over the place, then this caddy can help. It can be used to store these items. And it is easy to use: Simply hang it on the door or wall of your choice.

Pegboard or Perforated Metal Board

If you’re someone who owns a lot of jewelry, you might appreciate these types of boards. Not only are they functional, but they also make your accessories easy to display. Go with a pegboard if you have necklaces and bracelets that you want to hang or use a perforated metal board if you have earrings and rings that can be attached.

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