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Framed Quotes or Inspirational or Funny Statements

In the spirit of dorm decor, you can find a variety of framed quotes and inspirational sayings. Framed quotes make great wall art no matter what Dorm Room you are in. There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes of frames to choose from that you will be sure to find something that fits your style and personality perfectly!

The best part is that these framed quotes can also be funny statements or even ones you made up yourself!

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are the perfect addition to your dorm room. They’re easy to remove from walls, and they leave no residue behind! Vinyl decals are also custom-made with your own images, so you can express yourself however you want. You can choose any graphic design style for your vinyl wall art, as well as any material (vinyl is the most common), size, and color. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to decorating with vinyl!


Posters are an inexpensive and classic option for dorm room wall decor. They come in an array of sizes, colors, and styles, so you can find something that matches your interests. Posters are available for almost any interest—music, movies, sports teams, comic books and video games.

Some people prefer to frame their posters. Others choose to attach them directly to the wall with thumbtacks or tape (this is especially useful if you’re renting). If you have a lot of posters to hang up—or if they’re delicate—you might want to use putty instead of tacks or tape since it doesn’t damage the walls as much as other hanging methods do.


Clocks can be used to keep track of time, but they don’t have to be boring! You’ll want a big clock if you want to make a statement in your dorm room space. Large clocks are best when paired with a smaller clock or several small clocks on display. Clocks also add color and brightness to a room. They can also bring in themes like nautical decor or farmhouse chic decor by adding a cute barn board clock or some rustic metal numbers on the wall. A nice clock makes an excellent gift if it’s for someone special who’s moving into their first apartment or house because it’s versatile enough that anyone would love having it around their home as well as being functional and stylish at the same time!


  • Mirrors are great for windows and walls because they open up space and make a room feel bigger. This can be especially helpful in dorm rooms, since many of them have bunk beds that take up most of the floor space. Mirrors also help to improve the lighting situation in a room by reflecting light onto dark areas. Since you’re probably not going to have your own vanity mirror, mirrors on the wall or hung opposite one another will create a mirrored effect that opens up even more space than just one mirror alone would do!
  • You can use it as an opportunity to look at yourself – or someone else (that’s why they call it “self” reflection). It may sound vain, but you know that person who loves looking at themselves in any reflective surface? They’ll love this idea!
  • You can see what’s behind you – when there are people walking by outside your dorm room door and if you’re worried about accidentally letting someone sneak into your room without realizing it before it’s too late…
  • And finally: mirrors make cool collages!

Wall Artwork

As you’re decorating your dorm room, incorporating artwork is an easy way to make it your own. You can hang anything that you want on the walls! This section includes some of our favorite options:

  • Canvas paintings (you can find these in any art supply store or online)
  • Paintings, drawings, or photos that you have made yourself (they make a great piece of wall art so long as they are not too big)
  • Paintings, drawings, or photos by others that inspire you (maybe there is a local artist whose work really speaks to you—if so, consider buying one of their pieces!)
  • If none of the above works for you, we recommend just hanging up some posters from last year’s favorite movies/TV shows/music videos/video games.*

Simple Garland

Simple Garland

You can find these at Target and they look great. But you can make your own paper garland too! It’s super easy to do, and it will add a lot of personality to your room. All you need is some scissors, a ruler, various colors/patterns/papers, a pencil or pen (to mark where you want to cut), some tape (for hanging), and probably some glue as well if you want it to stick together better. You can also use ribbon instead of paper if that’s what floats your boat! The options are endless! You could even go crazy with it by adding glitter or metallic paint into the mix for added sparkle!

This type of decoration is so versatile because there are so many things that would work as an accent piece in any dorm room: it could be hung from above or behind furniture; used as wall art; draped over an existing shelf; tied around chairs…the possibilities are endless!

Create a Photo Collage

The easiest way to create a photo collage is by using frames and hanging them on the wall. You can buy these at any craft store, or even make them yourself with some scrap wood and a hammer. The key here is that you want to make sure that the frame is going to be big enough for your photos so they can be seen easily from across the room. While this option may seem simple, it’s also one of the most effective ways of personalizing your dorm room wall decor because it allows you to show off all of your favorite memories as well as provide plenty of opportunities for conversation starters among friends who visit!

Get them a fun and useful gift for the dorm!

Perhaps you’re a parent or friend of someone moving into their first dorm room. Maybe your college student is still living in the dorms and you want to get them something nice to decorate their space with. Whatever your reason, we’ve got some great ideas for how to decorate a dorm room – whether you need something cute, funny or just plain useful!

  • First off: What should I bring?
  • The most important thing is bringing clothes and shoes (you can also buy these at the campus bookstore). Bring bedding like sheets and blankets rather than pillows because those are easy to find at any discount store nearby. If your child has been saving up money from part time jobs during high school or summer vacation then consider purchasing items like towels, shower curtain liners/liners, a desk lamp with an adjustable arm so it can be used against different walls without needing any additional mounting hardware attached directly onto wallboard surfaces. And lastly but definitely not least – don’t forget about those things necessary for making sure one’s health remains intact while away from home such as toothpaste & toothbrush set up along side shaving cream applied liberally throughout any facial hair areas which may require daily upkeep over longer periods of time due this being college life after all.”
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