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Take advantage of your closet

Your closet is a valuable resource, and it’s important to think carefully about how you’re going to use each inch of space. If you want to keep your clothes and shoes off the floor, buy some closet organizers.

If you still run out of room in your closet, invest in a clothing rack. You can tuck it into an empty corner for more floor space

Invest in under-the-bed storage

Invest in under-the-bed storage

When you think about it, your bed is basically a big box that takes up a ton of space. If you want to make the most of your room and get some extra storage space, consider getting some under-the-bed storage. You can elevate your bed by putting it on pedestals or buy a daybed with built-in drawers underneath. You can also use rolling under-bed storage boxes to store things like luggage, shoes, boots and other items that don’t need hanging up yet still need to be accessible at a moment’s notice.

Think outside the box with storage cubes

A great alternative to traditional bookcases, storage cubes are a dorm room essential. Not only can they hold books and other items that would otherwise clutter your space, but you can use them to create partitions—think makeshift walls separating your bed from desk, for example—to maximize the small space. And when you need more floor space, simply pick up the cubes and put them in storage.

Hanging decor is the way to go

Hanging decor is one of the best ways to make a room feel more spacious and personal, so don’t be afraid to get creative with these. Instead of trying to cram too much into a small area, opt for large-scale pieces that will take up as much space as possible without cluttering things. Some good options are oversized photos, posters, tapestries, whiteboards, and calendars. To get your dorm looking Pinterest-worthy ASAP (and feeling totally like home), check out some of our fave ideas for hanging stuff up below.

Invest in a desk that can be stowed away

If you have a desk, we’re willing to bet it is either taking up too much space or it doesn’t have enough storage. A folding desk can easily be stowed away when not in use and is especially useful if you live in a one-room dorm where the bed already takes up most of the floor space.

If you do need to keep your desk out for everyday use, or if your dorm room has more than one room and you don’t mind keeping the desk out all of the time, then look for something that has additional storage space under the seat, such as drawers.

Perhaps your little cubbyhole comes with a tiny built-in desk that just isn’t big enough for all of your computer accessories, books and other academic necessities. If this is the case, then you might consider getting a rolling laptop cart with several shelves to hold everything you need right next to your bed without having to get up again every time you need another book or pencil sharpener.

Go vertical with storage shelves

When you’re living in a small space, the best way to maximize your storage area is by using vertical storage solutions. By going up instead of out, you can keep your dorm room from looking cluttered. Vertical storage solutions run the gamut from wall-mounted planters and hanging plant bags to wall-mounted shelves and pegboards. You can also utilize furniture with hidden or open storage like ottomans or benches with built-in storage compartments as well as nightstands and dressers with ample drawers.

Door storage is key

This one is a no-brainer, but often overlooked. Your door is unused space and provides the perfect opportunity to store your belongings. Add a hanging shoe storage rack or hanging mesh closet organizer to hold all your shoes and other accessories you want to keep out of sight. You can also add hooks for bags, jackets, towels and more! There are so many different options for organizational products that can hang from the door (or under it).

Under-bed storage is your friend

Any college student knows it’s all about keeping things off of the floor and out of sight, so under-bed storage is your best friend in a small dorm room. You can store anything from shoes to clothes to books, and you can buy plastic containers or an under-bed storage box specifically for shoes. Just slide your supplies right underneath the bed where they won’t take up any space in your room. Even though it might seem like not enough space to store anything, you’d be surprised how much stuff you can fit under there!

Use a mattress lifter or bed risers

  • You can buy a mattress lifter or bed risers and get your extra storage in no time.
  • If you do decide to build your own, you’ll need some PVC pipe (the same diameter as the size of furniture legs), a power saw, a measuring tape and sandpaper.
  • Measure out eight, five-inch lengths of pipe for each bed leg. Sand down the edges if needed to prevent damage to the flooring or clothing caught on them while cleaning.
  • If you’re trying to convert a lofted bed into a bunk bed, use PVC risers instead of the standard ones you find in stores.

Maximize wall space for décor and storage

Your dorm room isn’t just a place to sleep, eat food, and study for your classes. It’s also the best place you have to create your own personal style. Get creative with this space, and it’ll look like a better space than you ever dreamed of.

Small spaces, big dreams.

The first thing to do was to open the window, letting in some fresh air and sunlight. The room felt instantly more spacious. I placed a mirror opposite the window, which made the room feel even bigger than it was since it reflected the light coming through. The queen-sized bed was big enough for myself, but when we moved in our belongings and personal items it started to shrink. I purchased a large comforter that drapes over all four sides of the bed, making me feel like I’m sleeping in a cloud rather than on a piece of metal furniture. There’s still tons of storage space underneath for luggage and out-of-season clothing.

The walls are lined with baskets for use as extra storage places for jackets and boots in winter or other seasonal clothes that aren’t currently being worn—this helps keep things out from underfoot but still within easy reach when you need them!

I’ve had my share of cramped quarters both at home growing up with three siblings who also had their own rooms (one brother shared one with his younger brother) as well as away from home while attending college where dorms typically provide students small living spaces — but these tricks make any room feel much more spacious and comfortable no matter how small they may seem initially!

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