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You know the saying: “Home is where you hang your hat.” Well, this saying applies now more than ever especially if you are starting from the beginning all over again. Thanks to TIKTOK home decor trends that are booming right now and everyone is sharing their best New Home decor trends that adds a touch of style to all home spaces. From clever storage solutions to statement lighting fixtures and even faux fur accents, these 10 ideas prove that it’s all in the what works best for you. Most of these finds are from amazon cuz you know, we’ve got to take advantage of the 2-day shipping.

Macrame Storage Baskets

I use one on my bathroom counter (has cotton ball holder, w tip holder, mouthwash, contact solution, etc) & one on top of the toilet tank (has Kleenex box, a candle, etc) really cute!

These macrame baskets can be used in many ways, from storing intimates, bathroom organizer and even as a desk organizer which makes it a perfect fit to use on a daily basis.

Faux Plants

First of all…..this came super fast! The quality is spot on it looks real. lt even came with a small bag of moss. l used regular potting soil using a little DIY hack, which made it look even more high end. lt was super easy to spread and the branches are very flexible yet sturdy. I’m super satisfied.

Faux plants are an easy way to bring life and color into your home, without having to worry about watering and maintaining them. Love this idea, It’s super cute.

Bamboo Floor baskets

These are by far one of the best items I have gotten off Amazon. Fast shipping, amazing price, and great quality. For this plant lover, I ended up buying another set and an additional one for my mom. I also shared with one of my best friends who will be ordering. Love these!

Throw Pillows

I ordered two of these pillows to add to accent chairs and they are perfect! They are soft, and they are big enough to cover the entire back of the chair. I would order from this company again.

Throw pillows are a great way to add color and pattern to a room. They can be added to the sofa, bed, or chair. Especially great for adding color and pattern to any boring or dull room.

Rattan Accent Drawer Table

This is my favorite Amazon purchase! Took 5 mins to assemble, lots of storage, and looks expensive all for a very reasonable price!

Side tables are the cutest way to add extra texture, color, and pattern to your home. especially with this side table the rattan accent on the front brings that extra pattern and design that your space didn’t have before. What a great genius addition!!!

Rattan Chairs

“I love these chairs! They are super comfortable, sturdy and easy to put together. I have them indoors and use them daily. The cushions are removable and wash easily and the chairs are quick and easy to wipe down. Would definitely recommend.”

If you want to enjoy the outdoors while indoors then with you need to get these rattan chairs. With so many different types of outdoor furniture styles available these days it’s easier than ever before to create a beautiful indoor outdoor space that perfectly expresses who you are as an individual—and we think that’s pretty awesome!

Wall Mount

Using these in my office/spare bedroom. They give just enough simple storage. Easy enough to use, sturdy one piece construction. The metal makes sure my supplies, barware, candles are secured. Not the length that I thought i had measured, yet, functional enough to not return.

Wall Mirror with Shelf

I love this mirror! Much more than I was expecting to, based on the price. It’s sturdy and stylish, a great place for our keys and coffee in the entryway. I like that the mirror continues below the shelf.

Rattan Magazine Rack

 I didn’t expect this to be large & it is exactly as I expected. It is perfect to fit mail (how I intend to use it) and won’t take up a lot of space. I think it’s really cute, goes with my boho decor, and is sturdy & well-made. It even came with a screwdriver for assembly! #winning!
You can’t get frames this nice for this cheap anywhere else. They arrived packaged really nicely in a case with plenty of padding and none were scratched or broken. I just wish they sold them as affordably for smaller sets or singles that I can add on to my collage wall as I get more photos, or possibly in larger sizes to make the “statement” photo even larger. Great set! Recommend!

We hope you liked some of our favorite home decor trends for this year!

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