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1. Kinwoven Soft Touch Rug

  • Size up the floor. You want to make sure that your rug is large enough so that it covers the majority of the floor, but not too big that it takes up a lot of space in your dorm room. The best way to decide what size and shape works best for your dorm room is to measure out where you want your rug to go (preferably when empty), and then take note of how much space there is around furniture or other objects on the floor. For example, if there are two chairs at one end of the room and a desk at another, try measuring out those areas separately before adding them together for an overall measurement (which will result in a more accurate idea). Once you have determined what dimensions work best for your space, choose a rug that fits within those dimensions!
  • Choose neutral colors when possible! Couch cushions are cheap! If white isn’t an option for whatever reason (and trust me—I get it), stick with greys or blacks instead; they’re easier on wallets than solid colors anyway 🙂
  • -They’re comfy AND stylish! They feel great under feet while still looking chic enough not only withstand daily wear but also keep their color well over time too

2. Boho Floor Rug

This boho-style handwoven floor rug is a perfect way to add some adorable dorm decor to any college dorm room. At three feet by five feet, this 100% cotton rug can fit in almost any space and will instantly give a warm and cozy feeling to your dorm. The low pile makes it super soft and very durable, so you never have to worry about spills or accidents ruining your new dorm room decor!

This dorm carpet from Amazon has everything that you could possibly need in an area rug for your college apartment: vintage style, handcrafted weaving techniques, 3′ x 5′ dimensions (perfectly sized for small spaces), vibrant colors… and of course affordability! What’s not to love?

3. NuLOOM White Ruffle Shag Area Rug

If you’re looking to create a cozy, comfortable space that can fit in all sorts of dorm rooms, this is the rug for you. The white color makes it easy to match with other colors and decor, while the softness and fluffiness of the shag area rug creates an inviting atmosphere. The ruffles on the edges add a unique touch and make it stand out from other dorm room rugs. This dorm room rug is great for smaller spaces because it doesn’t take up too much floor space but still provides enough cushioning for sitting or laying around on your bed or futon.

4. Soft and Cozy Solid Shag Area Rug

This is the biggest rug on the list, and it’s also one of the most popular. This solid shag area rug will turn your dorm room into an oasis of coziness. It’s made from high-quality materials, so you can count on it to last through at least four years of college! The best part is that it comes in a variety of colors that’ll match every decorating scheme—and at such a reasonable price for its size, you’ll want to get two so one can always be clean while the other is being used (or laundered).

5. Hand Woven Ivory Area Rug

This hand-woven ivory area rug is a great choice for any dorm room. It’s made of 100% polypropylene and has an eye-catching design that will add some personality to your space. The size is 5′ x 7′, and it’s available on Amazon for $42.95 with free shipping if you have Prime or subscribe to their Subscribe & Save option (which costs $5). If you’re looking for something fun but practical, this may be the rug for you!

6. Hand woven Vintage Inspired Cotton Area rug

The 6th trendiest dorm room rug is the Hand Woven Vintage Inspired Cotton Area Rug. This rug has vintage inspired design and texture that looks like it’s been around for decades—but don’t worry, it’s brand new! It comes in several different sizes including 6′ x 9′, 5′ x 7′, and 4′ x 6′. The size options are perfect for any dorm room or home office space. The cotton weave of this area rug makes it comfortable to sit or lay on, while also being easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

The Hand Woven Vintage Inspired Cotton Area Rug will add an elegant touch to your dorm decor without taking up too much space in your tiny living quarters!

7. Tribal Medallion Block Print Handmade Cotton Chindi Area Rug

This area rug is handmade, machine-made and hand-tufted. It is made from 100% cotton that has been hand-woven. This means it will be soft, comfortable and durable. The cotton used in these rugs is sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of dorm life but also soft so that it feels good underfoot.

There are three different types of rugs made from the same materials: Handmade, machine-made and hand-tufted. You can tell which one this rug is by looking at its weave: if there are no knots between each strand of yarn then it must be a machine-made product (see above). If there are knots between each strand then its handmade; while if they’re knot together with other strands around them then they’re hand-tufted (see below).

8. Chunky Chenille Yarn Handwoven Soft Shaggy Area Rug

If you’re looking for a dorm rug that will add some glam to your room, but also be soft and cozy to walk on in bare feet, this is the one for you. It comes in a large size which is perfect for covering large spaces. The chunky yarn makes it soft on top, while the polyester fibers give it a nice thickness. The pile is 1-inch thick which gives it more heft than most rugs with thin piles. Finally, the polyester means that spills won’t soak through as easily as they would if this rug had been made with cotton or wool fibers instead!

9. Pamir Tabriz Cream Multicolored Wool Persian Oriental Area Rug

This rug is a great way to add a pop of color to your dorm room. It’s unique and will fit in with any style of decor you have going on. The handmade nature of this rug means that each one will look slightly different, but the overall effect is still the same. This can be used as an accent piece or as a way to tie together multiple room themes within your dorm design.

10. Beige Faux Fur Sheepskin Style Accent Rug

This beige faux fur sheepskin style accent rug is a great addition to your dorm room. It’s soft and comfortable, making it easy to sit or lay down on the floor. The faux fur sheepskin makes this rug easy to clean as well, which is perfect when you don’t have maid service like in the real world. Since it can be used in just about any room of your dorm, including those with wood floors or carpeting, you’ll have no problem finding a home for this attractive piece of decor. This accent rug comes in two sizes: small (30″ x 48″) and large (48″ x 72″).

Great dorm room rugs can bring together your dorm aesthetic!

Great dorm room rugs can bring together your dorm aesthetic!

In a dorm room, space is a luxury. It’s important to make the most of what you have and create an environment that feels cozy and inviting. Dorm rugs are a great way to do this because they are inexpensive and versatile, allowing you to add color or pattern in small doses in any area of your dorm room with little effort.

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