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If you’re the type of person who has a lot of things, but don’t have much space to store it in your closet you should definitely try this over-the-door organizer! It hooks right over on the door so you can use it in your bedroom, bathroom and more. This product features 24 compartment pockets that are made out of breathable fabric, which is awesome because it prevents the smell from lingering on your clothes.

This organizer is perfect for storing all types of things such as clothes, socks, belts and much more! It comes in a variety of colors that range from pink to blue so you can pick out the one that matches your room aesthetic. This product got 4.6 stars out of 5 because customers said it was super easy to use and helped them organize their closets real fast.

It’s definitely a win for anyone looking for an easy way to keep their closet organized!


If you’ve ever looked at the clothes strewn on your bedroom floor and thought, “Damn, I wish I had more closet space,” then we’ve got a solution for you. A closet rod doubler — also known as a closet extender or valet rod — is something everyone needs in their life. This simple product can double your hanging space in seconds. You can use it for everything from clothes to towels to bags and more, and it works great in any room of the house (not just the closet).

You have a few different options when buying one of these products. First up is this traditional-looking hanger from Whitmor that costs less than $10. If you want to spend even less money, Neaties offers a version for $5, but reviewers say it doesn’t hold up as well as the others mentioned here. Glarks has an option that looks very similar to Neaties but costs around $8 — it also has pretty good reviews — and then there’s Home Intuition’s modern-looking stainless steel bar that comes with all the mounting hardware you need (and will cost you $20). Finally, there are two options made by Richards Homewares: One comes in multiple finishes such as white ($18) and nickel ($22), while the other one is brass plated and costs about $14.


Get it for $11.99 from Amazon

If you’re looking for an affordable solution to your shoe storage needs, this hanging shoe organizer is perfect for you. It fits over the door and has clear pockets to make it easy to keep track of your shoes. The organizer fits up to 36 pairs of shoes, depending on the size of your footwear collection. A durable non-woven fabric construction makes it sturdy enough to hold heavier boots and heels, so you can store all kinds of shoes together in one place. Reinforced pockets make sure that nothing falls through the cracks (even if there are a lot of gaps between some pairs!).

The breathable mesh top allows air flow so your kicks don’t get musty or moldy when they’re stored away in a closet during warm seasons or months. Its sturdy metal hanger means you don’t have to worry about the organizer slipping off or falling down—and its over-the-door design means you won’t even have to put any holes in walls! It comes in two sizes: regular and large, as well as two colors: beige and gray.


Whether you have a walk-in closet or a smaller space, shelf dividers can be one of the most helpful closet organizing ideas. This set of eight dividers will help you make your closet feel like Bliss, even if it’s not as big as that store in the mall. The idea is to create order with these dividers. Your sweaters won’t get all bunched up together on one side of the shelf because they will stay in their own little sections. You can use the shelf dividers anywhere: in your linen closet, pantry, even in drawers! Even though they come with lots of extra parts and pieces, they are easy to install and worth every penny (or dollar).


Under-bed shoe organizer

Instead of letting the boxes from your shoes and other items take up valuable space in your closet, why not just store those things under your bed? This under-bed shoe organizer has 10 compartments to keep your possessions organized and safely stored, and reviewers say it’s made of a sturdy fabric that holds its shape. Plus you can also use this to store non-shoe items like extra blankets or jackets! With a white color available, you can make sure this organizer matches with your room’s decor.

Another option: If you don’t have a lot of items that need to be stored under the bed, but still want to take advantage of the space under there, consider getting an inexpensive storage caddy like this one instead. It comes in different colors so it will surely match the style of any room!


  • A jewelry box is a great way to organize and protect your jewelry.
  • Keeping your rings and earrings safe in a jewelry box will help you save time getting ready for the day.
  • You will be able to easily locate any piece of jewelry, because it will all have its own place in the jewelry box.
  • Having an organized closet with a place for everything will keep you from losing things, like mismatched earrings or rings that do not fit on your fingers anymore!


  • Clearly label your containers. After you have determined what it is that you want to store in each of your bins, it’s a good idea to label them. You will be able to see which bin has your sweaters or socks stored inside and which one has your documents and blankets.
  • Don’t forget about under bed storage containers with lids if you are looking for the perfect storage solution! They allow you to maximize the space in your room while still being able to access all of the items that are inside of them. These stylish organizers can be used by both adults and children alike!
  • Under Bed Storage Containers With Lids is an excellent way to keep organized! It is easy for anyone who does not want their belongings strewn across their floor or tucked away in a drawer somewhere where nobody knows about them; these containers will ensure that all of the items contained within them stay neat and tidy at all times. Plus, they are perfect because they come with lids so when those pesky socks start going missing again – don’t worry about trying not knowing where they went since these boxes have lids on top!


How many times in the past couple of days have you caught yourself digging through your purse for a set of keys you know are in there somewhere? If the answer is more than once, then maybe it’s time to think about hanging your purses. This purse organizer holds up to six purses or bags, and its hooks swivel 360 degrees so that you can easily hang them over a closet rod. It’s made from durable metal that won’t lose its shape and fits over most standard doors. No tools or assembly required!

Dimensions: 15.5 x 3.5 x 10.5 inches


Install in your bedroom, reach in an grab a tie or belt, and you’re good to go. The easy-to-install pull-out tie rack makes the most of valuable space in your closet that often goes unused. It also conveniently keeps your ties and belts (or scarves) right where you can see them, so they don’t end up on the floor. You can even use it for other accessories to keep them out of sight but close at hand. How great is that?


These slimming color blocked blackout curtains are a great way to keep the living space organized. They’re also super stylish and go with any type of decor, which is perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and small living spaces. The curtains are also machine washable, durable, easy to clean, and room darkening.

They help to reduce outside noise and light, plus they can be used for temperature control since they’re thermal insulated and energy efficient.


With the ten ideas mentioned in this article, you will be able to maximize your closet space and organize it so that you can easily find your clothes and use the extra space for other things.

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