First Apartment Checklist: The 15 Essentials You Need For Your First Apartment


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Kitchen Essentials

  • Think about your morning ritual. What will you need to make that first cup of coffee or tea? Coffee maker, kettle or microwave? You’ll want to be prepared for those early mornings
  • Basic kitchenware: Cutting board, cooking utensils (spatula, wooden spoon), and a set of measuring cups and spoons are essential for any budding chef.
  • Dish soap and sponge: A sink filled with dirty dishes is never a good look. Keep a bottle of dish soap on hand at all times with a sponge in the sink and you’ll be ready to tackle any mess.
  • Non-stick cooking spray: No one wants their pancakes to stick when they flip them! Don’t forget this important ingredient for breakfast in bed.
  • Kitchen towels: For drying dishes and setting the table, these are a must-have item on your first apartment checklist. Don’t buy anything too fancy right now—these will get dirty fast!
  • Stainless steel cookware: From pots to pans, these are an essential addition to your kitchen arsenal. Buy ones with glass lids so you can keep an eye on whatever it is you’re making without having to lift the lid every few minutes.
  • Dish rack: If you don’t have room under your sink for all those plates and bowls, then invest in a dish rack that can sit on top of your countertop or table so dishes dry quickly after being washed up properly before going into storage again until next time!

Bedroom Essentials

This is a list of things that we felt were important for our first apartment, based on what we had learned about getting the right pieces in prior years. We’ve also included links to places where you can get almost everything you want, but it’s always best to do your own research.

Mattress: After our first year of living together and moving a lot, we realized that we needed a better mattress. We had always used the cheap ones at Ikea and Walmart, but they were definitely not made well enough to withstand the years of tossing, turning and sleeping on them. We knew that Ikea mattresses weren’t very expensive, so if we wanted a better one, we’d have to spend more money. A few months later, though, I stumbled upon the Sleep Number brand and saw that their mattresses are actually made by the same company as mine and Jeff’s mattress—so I didn’t mind spending a little more. And after doing all my research into good bedding materials like down comforters and pillows (like pillow bouts), I was convinced that investing in quality was worth it because it can help with back support in the long run.

Sheets: It took us about six months of owning an apartment before we finally got sheets (and thank goodness for those time-consuming trial-and-error experiments). Although this whole process seemed daunting at first because there are so many options available online today; after researching which companies were made responsibly by fairly paid employees instead of sweatshop workers or countries where child labor exists ,I decided on buying American-made sheets because they make up for less than half of their work force outsource jobs overseas (encompassing over 500 families) when several other similar companies do not pay their employees well enough or treat them terribly enough to be considered fair by even one standard as determined by “Business For Social Responsibility”. Also I thought in our case buying American meant getting something made here since most people don’t think across continents when they

Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s a place where you can get clean, relax after a long day, and have some privacy. Having all of these essentials in your bathroom will not only make it pretty but also functional.

  • Bath towels: As you can imagine, this is for drying off and wrapping yourself up in after you shower or bathe. You will want at least two per person living there but more is better!
  • Hand towels: You need something to dry your hands on throughout the day when they get wet from washing them or other activities. Hand towels are smaller than bath towels and provide an easy-to-grab alternative to drier (and bigger) bath towels that would be inconvenient to use as hand towels. One per person should suffice!
  • Washcloths: If you prefer using a washcloth over other means of cleaning yourself (such as using just your hands), then having these around would be quite helpful! At least one per person should do – maybe two if you shower often during the week!

Random Essentials

  • A coffee maker.
  • A corkscrew.
  • A doormat.

Living Room Essentials

Living Room Essentials

In order to create a cozy living room environment, you’ll need the following items:

  • Coffee Table
  • Lamps
  • A TV
  • Sofa/Couch/Sectional (or maybe a loveseat or futon)
  • Rug
  • Chair/Chairs/Recliner (you can add as many additional chairs as you’d like)
  • Bookcase, bookshelves, book racks, etc. (if you’re a book lover like me!)
  • Picture frames (to add some personality and style to your space)

If your walls are bare without any decorations or artwork hanging in the background, then it could be nice to hang some curtains with a patterned fabric or bright color. These will really tie the look together and make for an extra cozy feel! You can also use this opportunity to add some pictures of friends and family — which is always nice when you’re far away from home. Finally, if there’s one thing I learned from living in New York City apartments my whole life it’s that no matter how big your space may seem at first glance – once all of these essentials start coming together inside each room it will quickly fill up fast so keep an eye out for any additional furniture pieces that might work too!

Other Must-Haves for Your First Apartment

If you’re moving into your first apartment, then it might be the first time you’ve had to take care of everything in your home. This is a weird new world for most people, but the good news is that it’s not as difficult as you think. Here are some things you may want in your new place:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Sponges
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Air freshener
  • Trash bags (in every size)
  • Flashlight and batteries (2 sets)
  • First aid kit with pain reliever and bandages (also consider having a thermometer and other basic necessities!)

You’ll also need some tools around the house, including a toolkit, duct tape, and an extension cord. If something breaks or needs fixing, this list will help!

When you’re getting ready for your first apartment, make sure you have a checklist of the essentials.

Before you head out to shop, do your research. I created a list of the essentials, and then another list with things that would be nice to have but that I could live without. This helped me prioritize what I needed before heading out shopping. For example, I wasn’t going to get a throw blanket or a side table for my living room until I had furniture for people to sit on!

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