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You’re an individual. You have unique tastes. For example, it’s pretty likely that if you’re looking at this post on boho bedroom decor ideas, you don’t want to sleep in a sterile hotel room or cookie-cutter condo. Between the modern minimalism of ultra-chic Airbnb pads and the crown moldings and sunburst mirrors of your grandmother’s house lies the happy medium of bohemian design: layered, eclectic, and full of personality. Here are some tips for making your bedroom look like a page ripped from a boho blogger’s home tour:


If you can’t find a lamp that does it all, layer your lighting. A floor lamp is great for creating ambient and task lighting in the same space. You can move it around as needed, or dim it to create mood lighting when you’re ready for bed. If a lamp with multiple functions isn’t an option for you, try using multiple lamps instead—a table lamp next to your bed and another on the nightstand could be just what you need!

If you really love layered lighting but don’t want to spend any money on new furniture or lamps this year (we get it), consider replacing the bulbs in your current fixtures with more energy efficient ones. They will still provide plenty of light while saving energy and money over time!


When it comes to mixing textures, you want to make sure that the materials you use have a similar scale. This ensures that the pattern is not too overwhelming and makes the room feel cozy and homey instead of busy.

When choosing your fabrics, think about how easy they are to clean. You don’t want to buy expensive materials that will require regular dry cleaning or special cleaning products if you can help it. There are many kinds of textiles out there, so pick ones that fit your lifestyle needs!

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, consider picking up some linen bedding sets – they’re super soft while still being durable enough for everyday use! Linen sheets breathe well so they’ll keep you cool during hot summers; but if winter months bring colder temperatures then try adding an extra layer under those sheets (or purchasing an electric blanket). Plus linens like this tend not fade in color over time either – which means no worrying about stains or discoloration ruining them before their time has come!


  • Use a pattern that you like but isn’t too busy. If you want to add interest to your bedroom, colorful patterns are a great way to do it; however, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. You’ll need to find something that fits well into your room’s existing color scheme and will still look nice when placed with other pieces of furniture or décor.
  • Scale matters! Patterns can come in all shapes and sizes—so make sure that what you choose works for the space where it’ll live. It may be tempting to go big with an eye-catching design for the walls (like wallpaper), but if there isn’t enough wall space between each side of your bed or dresser drawers, then this might not be possible without cutting off part of each pattern piece in order for them all fit together nicely!


The canopy bed is a popular piece of furniture in the boho bedroom set. Like the rest of your boho room, this bed will be soft and cozy, with plenty of pillows to lay on and a thick comforter to snuggle under. You can even add curtains around the sides of your canopy bed if you want to create an extra layer of privacy.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider building a permanent structure out of wooden planks or posts for some added height (and maybe even some extra storage). Canopy beds are also great for creating intimate spaces where people can cuddle together—a perfect way to make sure everyone who sleeps over has plenty of space!


Floral wallpaper is the perfect way to add a touch of bohemian glamour to your bedroom, and it can be used in a variety of spaces. Use floral wallpaper borders around the room for an elegant look that creates a sense of calmness and serenity. For smaller spaces, try using floral designs on just one wall or one accent color on another wall to create interest without overpowering the room. For larger spaces, use dark colors such as navy blue or burgundy with lighter shades like pale yellow, mint green or pink for an interesting contrast.

Do you want something more subtle? A great option is printed fabric! This material can easily be found at many home improvement stores and comes in various types including tapestry (which adds texture), jacquard (which adds movement) and chintz (which gives off an antique feel).


You can also mix and match different patterns in the same room. For example, you can have a rug with a geometric pattern on it, along with pillows that are embroidered or made of leather.

Alternatively, you can use textures in different rooms of your house. You could choose to paint one wall in your bedroom blue and another wall white, then hang up some interesting artwork on them both. This will help create contrast in the space while also creating balance between softness and hardness (because one is painted blue while the other is still white).

You can have a stylish boho-themed bedroom with these ideas.

The boho-themed bedroom is a design style that’s often associated with bohemian, hippie and gypsy style. However, you don’t have to be a hobo or live in a caravan to decorate your bedroom in this way. This look can be adapted for any home and will create an airy and relaxed vibe.

To make your bedroom feel more like a caravan than your average property, try layering lighting throughout the room. You could start with some decorative lights above the bed (or even above the headboard) and then layer some floor lamps around the edges of the room, creating an intimate atmosphere when it needs to be turned on at night time. Use lots of colorful patterns and textures on bedding such as cushions or throws as well as wall art pieces such as tapestries or paintings which will add color to an otherwise simple room design


We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of boho bedroom decor ideas! Whether you’re looking for a single statement piece, or want to take your entire space in a new direction, there are plenty of options out there. The boho decor aesthetic is such an interesting one to work with because it can encompass so many different styles and colors. We love that it mixes together multiple trends and offers a plethora of ways to bring your personality into your design choices. This means no matter what kind of mood you want to create in your home, there’s likely something bohemian-inspired out there for everyone–from minimalism lovers like us who gravitate toward white walls on their own but still want some color accents here or there (think: woven baskets), all the way up through maximalists with bold tastes who don’t mind going full-on multi-hued when selecting furniture pieces like rugs, blankets and fabrics for their rooms!

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