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To find the most optimal arrangement for your pictures, you should consider how many pictures you want to hang and what size frames you want to use. In general, it’s best to use an odd number of picture frames because even numbers can look too uniform or boring. This is especially true if you plan on using picture frames that are all the same size. If there are two of something, whether it’s in a photo collage or a symmetrical layout around a focal point, it’s generally not as exciting as having one single item (or three items) in that spot.

This being said, some people might prefer having two photographs or picture frames side-by-side in their dorm room because they may be limited on wall space and thus need to save room by hanging things close together. If this is the case for you, try putting only one nail in the wall and hanging both picture frames from that nail via wire attached to hooks on their backsides. This will keep them evenly spaced out while still taking up minimal wall space.

We also recommend placing your photos at eye level so they’re easy to see when someone walks into your dorm room—this means no higher than five feet off the ground!


More than any other room in your house, your dorm room is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time. That makes it all the more important that you feel comfortable, and to do that you need a good bed.

A mattress is often thought of as a simple box, but there’s actually a lot more to consider when choosing one. You’ve got options like memory foam, coil springs, and air chambers. All these materials provide different levels of support and comfort. There are also various grades of mattress to consider depending on how much support you want from your mattress.

The first thing to look at when buying a new bedding is what size you need for your dorm room. The two main types are single or double beds, although some people prefer king-size beds or even twin-sized beds for their children’s rooms! The best way to know which type would be most suitable for your home decorating style is by browsing through catalogues online or visiting stores in person where they’re displayed prominently so that shoppers can easily see them up close before making their final decision!


Lighting is so important in a dorm room because it can make the space look so much bigger and brighter. Use light bulbs with a yellow tint, like these from IKEA, to avoid that cold overhead light feeling. Most dorms will have florescent lighting built in, but you definitely want to add some lamps to create ambiance.

Task lights like desk lamps are great if you want an extra bright reading lamp or need more light for studying. Try something vintage-looking like this green lamp from Target. It’ll add a nice touch of color and personality to your space!

Whether you’re into string lights or lava lamps (totally okay), adding cute lamps and lights will instantly bring a pop of personality to your dorm!


If you’re a dorm-room novice or just planning to remodel your room, I hope you find these ideas helpful.

I’ve collected suggestions from Pinterest and other resources (where I also found this photo inspiration!) and added my own personal touch of humor. I hope that my style helps you be creative in making your room something special—and maybe even a little bit stylish!


You’ve probably seen them everywhere, from your Instagram feed to the dorms of upperclassman. Tapestries have become an increasingly popular way to decorate a wall in the past few years. Tapestries are large pieces of fabric with designs on them that can be hung like a wall hanging. The tapestry is made out of sturdy and high-quality cotton, allowing it to last for years without fading or falling apart!

When buying a tapestry, there are several things that you should keep in mind. First, what kind of design do you want? A lot of tapestries have intricate patterns, bright colors, and pictures of people or animals on them—these ones will help liven up any space! If you’re looking for something more subtle or neutral-toned though (perhaps because your roommates don’t share your enthusiasm), there are also plenty options that match whatever style might suit your room best: black and white stripes/polka dots/checkered squares so don’t despair; we gotchu covered!

You might also consider size when purchasing one: most standard sizes range from 60x80cm “mini” (perfect as a tablecloth) all the way up to 110x150cm “king” which works great over couches/chairs or even covering entire walls if desired). It’s important not just how big they are but also where they go–one thing I’ve learned while living here at university is that placement matters too so keep this tip at heart 🙂

And now let’s look at some trendy tapestries!!


Rugs are a great way to bring color and pattern into a room, and they can also make any space feel cozier. You can create different moods with rugs, too—a plush white rug in your bedroom can be welcoming while a low-pile sisal rug will give you an au courant industrial look. Since dorm rooms often have cold linoleum floors, it’s especially important to add warmth with rugs. Rugs that are made out of natural fibers like cotton or jute help create a sense of nature in your room and offer comfort when you’re barefoot. Affordable options like these natural fiber flat weave reversible diamond rugs take the place of both carpets and bedcovers in small spaces, creating visual interest in a tiny area (and offering an array of color schemes).


The best thing about bringing plants into your dorm is that they’re as good for your mental health as they are for the look of your room. Not only do they help with air quality, but they also reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a fun way to brighten up the place and play around with different colors and textures.

Plants like succulents, cacti, and aloe vera are low maintenance enough that you can keep them alive even if you don’t have a green thumb (but if you do, go all out). Orchids, on the other hand, will probably require some extra attention if you want to keep them healthy.


Pillows and throw blankets are a great way to add some comfy decor to your room. Throw blankets can be used for a number of things, including dressing up an old couch or chair! As for pillows, they’re perfect for adding that cozy touch to your bed. If you want to mix it up with different colors and designs, try using two or three pillows instead of just one!


Fairy lights are a great way to add a finishing touch to a room. You can hang them on the wall, above your headboard, or drape them over your dresser. They come in a variety of colors, lengths and styles—you can even get them in a net that you can easily drape over your bedframe. If you’re feeling extra creative and crafty, use clothespins to hang postcards and holiday cards all around the strings of lights. Fairy lights are also really inexpensive—they don’t cost much more than regular light bulbs—and they’ll last for years if you take care of them properly!


Hey! It’s your 4th year and you’re no longer a freshman, but your dorm room still has the same awful blue bedding from orientation. You’re tired of feeling like an unwanted guest in your own space. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make it feel more like home.

College is an incredible time to learn about yourself and what makes you happy. You might not know specifically what kind of decorating style or color scheme you like yet. That’s okay! Give yourself some time to figure it out and play around with different styles before committing to something expensive. If you go shopping with the mindset that this is just the beginning, the process will be less stressful and allow for more experimentation along the way.

My top three tips when designing a dorm room are:

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks with color and pattern – one person’s disaster could be another person’s paradise
  • Be mindful of how much space you have when buying furniture – measure everything beforehand so nothing feels too cramped or overwhelming once it’s moved in
  • Have fun! Decorating should never feel like drudgery; remember why you want your room decorated in the first place (to feel at home!)
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