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Maybe you just moved into your first studio apartment and have no idea how to decorate it. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned renter with a few years under your belt, but are looking for new ways to spruce up your tiny abode. If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, never fear! We’ve rounded up five quick tips that will help make the most of your studio space:

Use a neutral color palette.

While you may be tempted to go for vivid colors and patterns, it’s best to stick with a neutral color palette. There are plenty of ways that you can add color into your space without going overboard on the amount of pattern.

For example, try using white or beige in your studio apartment. If those aren’t quite your style, combine them with gray or black for an elegant look. Or try using white with browns or greens for a nice earthy feel that won’t clash with any furniture pieces.

Make it feel like home by adding personal touches.

Make it feel like home by adding personal touches. A photo of your parents, a favorite painting, or even just an interesting piece of art can help to remind you that this place is where your heart belongs. If you have pets, consider hanging up some photos of them so they know they’re not forgotten either!

If you’ve been on any epic adventures (or had a particularly good night out), consider framing one of the tickets and hanging it on the wall as well – it will give visitors something to look at while they wait for their turn in the shower.

Use multipurpose furniture to create more space.

One of the best ways to create more space in a studio is to use multipurpose furniture. For example, you could buy a desk that doubles as a TV stand. Or you could opt for an ottoman that serves both as a coffee table and an extra seat. Another option is having a sofa that also functions as either an armchair or couch, depending on what you need it for at any given moment.

If this sounds like too much work (or money), don’t worry—you can still get some added functionality out of your existing pieces by changing up their position in the room. A bedside table can become more versatile if it’s placed near the window instead of next to the wall; likewise, placing rugs underneath dining chairs will give them new life beyond their original purpose by creating new seating options around dinner time (and who doesn’t love eating with friends?).

Hang floating shelves to create a decorative wall.

A floating shelf is a great way to add some personality to your studio apartment. It can serve as functional storage space, but it can also be used purely for decorative purposes. Here are some ways you might use floating shelves in your home:

  • Use them to create a decorative wall. Floating shelves are a stylish way of creating visual interest on any wall that doesn’t have enough room for artwork or other objects that require hanging space. If you don’t want the shelves to take up too much room, consider using small pieces and arranging them in an attractive pattern, like bricks or tiles stacked neatly on top of one another. This will not only provide storage space for books and items that need somewhere safe until they are needed again later down the road (maybe during an upcoming party), but it will also give off a cozy vibe when guests come over because it reminds them of trips they took when they were younger!
  • Display collections and mementos from travels abroad with friends back home by placing items such as postcards onto smaller pieces placed side-by-side horizontally across each shelf so visitors get glimpses into different parts of their lives at once without having go through all kinds things separately first.”

Decorate with hanging plants.

  • Hang plants near a window.
  • Hang plants near a vent.
  • Hang plants near a light fixture.
  • Hang plants near a doorway, such as in front of the door or halfway down the hallway.
  • Hang plants above your closet door—or hang them from the ceiling by taping them to an overhang above your closet and then dropping the pot into place when it’s time to water them! If you have limited space, opt for an air plant instead of traditional soil-based varieties like African violets and succulents—they require less maintenance and they look great in small pots!

It’s possible to be comfortable and still stylish in a studio apartment!

  • Use neutral colors.
  • Select multipurpose furniture that can work in your home’s many different spaces.
  • Hang floating shelves or a centerpiece above the couch to create a focal point without an overwhelming amount of decorating.
  • Decorate with hanging plants, which will bring some greenery into your small space and help to oxygenate it.

We hope these tips help you make your cozy space feel more like home. And remember, if you want to be really intentional about the change you make, start with getting rid of some clutter. This will help you see the space for what it is, and will give you a better sense of how to decorate it. If all else fails, Pinterest is an awesome resource for brainstorming ideas! (And we’ve got lots of interior design inspiration on our page, too.) Happy decorating!

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