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  1. Use wall decals or tapestries to add color and personality to plain walls.
  2. Incorporate string or fairy lights to add ambiance and a cozy feel to the space.
  3. Utilize under-bed storage to maximize space.
  4. Hang a pegboard or corkboard to display photos, notes, and other mementos.
  5. Use a space-saving mini-fridge and microwave to create a mini kitchen area.
  6. Add plants to bring life and freshness to the room.
  7. Use a bean bag chair or floor cushions for extra seating.
  8. Consider a bed risers to create more storage space.
  9. Use a desk organizer to keep your study essentials in order.
  10. Decorate with throw pillows, blankets and rugs to add warmth and texture to the space.
  11. Use a multi-purpose furniture piece, such as a daybed or futon, to serve as both a bed and a seating area.
  12. Add a full-length mirror to make the room appear larger and for getting ready.
  13. Use a storage ottoman to store extra blankets and other items, while also doubling as a seat.
  14. Use a hanging organizer for your jewelry and other accessories.
  15. Use a wall-mounted shelving unit to display books, knick-knacks, and other items.
  16. Use a hanging closet organizer to maximize space and keep clothes and shoes organized.
  17. Use a magnetic board to post notes, photos, and other items.
  18. Use a rolling cart to store and move around extra supplies and equipment.
  19. Use a portable fan to circulate air and cool the room.
  20. Use a foldable desk to create a workspace when needed and store it away when not in use.
  21. Use a wall mounted drying rack to air dry your clothes.
  22. Use a portable room divider to create a sense of privacy and separate the room into different areas.
  23. Use a hanging organizer for your bags and purses to keep them off the floor and easy to access.
  24. Use a laptop stand to raise your computer to a comfortable viewing height, and to save space on your desk.
  25. Use a over-the-door organizer to store extra shoes, hats and other items.
  26. Use a magnetic knife holder to save space in your kitchen area.
  27. Use a table lamp to create a cozy reading nook.
  28. Use a photo collage frame to display multiple pictures at once.
  29. Use a magazine holder to keep your books and magazines organized.
  30. Use a wall-mounted whiteboard for brainstorming, note-taking or drawing.
  31. Use a portable speaker to play music or podcasts.
  32. Use a modular shelving system to create a customized storage solution.
  33. Use a under-bed storage box to store extra linens and clothing.
  34. Use a hanging file folder to store important documents and papers.
  35. Use a wall-mounted coat rack to keep jackets and bags off the floor.
  36. Use a portable clothes rack to dry or store clothes.