32 College Grad Party Ideas That Are Perfect For Everyone


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Outdoor movie night: Set up a screen and projector in a backyard or park, and invite guests to bring blankets and pillows for a cozy movie-watching experience.

Scavenger hunt: Create a list of items or challenges for guests to find or complete around the city or on campus.

Cooking or baking competition: Host a competition where guests have to create a dish or dessert using a secret ingredient.

Karaoke night: Set up a karaoke machine and invite guests to show off their singing skills.

Board game tournament: Set up tables with a variety of board games and invite guests to participate in a tournament-style event.

Sports tournament: Host a tournament for a sport like basketball, soccer, or ultimate frisbee.

DIY cocktail or mocktail bar: Set up a bar with a variety of ingredients and allow guests to create their own custom cocktails or mocktails.

Escape room: Rent out a local escape room or create a DIY version for guests to solve puzzles and challenges.

Talent show: Invite guests to perform a talent, whether it’s singing, dancing, or comedy.

Outdoor picnic: Set up a picnic in a park or backyard with blankets, food, and games.

Game night: Set up tables with a variety of board games and card games for guests to play.

Art night: Set up a table with art supplies and invite guests to create their own masterpieces.

Movie marathon: Pick a theme, like a specific actor or genre, and invite guests to watch a marathon of movies that fit the theme.

Book club: Invite guests to join a book club and discuss a pre-selected book.

Wine or beer tasting: Set up a tasting with a variety of wines or beers for guests to try.

DIY spa night: Set up a spa station with products like face masks, nail polish, and scented oils for guests to pamper themselves.

Karaoke bar crawl: Visit a few local karaoke bars and sing your heart out.

Sports game viewing party: Invite guests to watch a live sports game at a bar or restaurant.

Trivia night: Host a trivia night with a variety of categories and invite guests to form teams.

Board game cafe: Visit a local board game cafe and spend the evening trying out new games.

Comedy night: Attend a local comedy show or invite a comedian to perform for the group.

Outdoor concert: Check out a local outdoor concert or music festival.

Beach bonfire: Set up a bonfire at the beach and invite guests to roast marshmallows and tell stories.

DIY photo booth: Set up a photo booth with props and a camera for guests to take fun pictures.

Murder mystery dinner party: Host a murder mystery dinner party where guests have to solve a crime.

Dance party: Set up a dance floor and invite a DJ or play music for guests to dance to.

Outdoor yoga class: Attend a local outdoor yoga class or hire a instructor to lead a class for the group.

Hiking or camping trip: Plan a hiking or camping trip and invite guests to join.

Paint and sip: Attend a paint and sip class or host your own with a local artist.

Stargazing: Head to a local observatory or find a secluded spot to gaze at the stars

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