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Your apartment can still look like an HGTV showcase after you move in—it just takes a few simple tricks. You’re probably starting to put together your Pinterest board for your new space and there are lots of great ideas out there.

However, when you start searching through the real-life looks, it’s hard to know what will work in a small space. For example, it’s easy to get carried away when looking at master bedroom ideas on Pinterest.

But if you live in a studio or have a tiny bedroom, chances are some of those master bedroom ideas aren’t going to fit your space. So rather than waste time scrolling through countless photos that might not apply to your lifestyle, we created this list of apartment decorating tips so you can make the most out of your small living space.

Frame Your Bed

You can also use a headboard or large piece of art to frame your bed, which will make it the focal point of the room. Framing the bed can help you sleep better, and it can also make your room feel more spacious.

Add Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a great way to create a focal point in your apartment. You can use dimmer switches to control the amount of light, and spotlights will highlight a piece of art or furniture. Accent lighting can also be used to create dramatic effects, like making certain areas appear darker than others.

Use the Wall Space

  • Use the wall space. A common mistake that new apartment dwellers make is thinking they don’t have enough wall space for things like photos, art and mirrors. But if you think about it, there are a lot of other ways you can use your walls!
  • Hang photos. If you have some favorite photos from vacations or family gatherings, hang them on the wall with command hooks or nail-in picture hangers (which are great because they won’t damage drywall). This is a simple way to add color and pattern to an otherwise bland room—and it’s very affordable too!
  • Hang art. When hanging artwork on your wall with nails or screws, be sure not to put any holes in pipes below the surface of your drywall (or at least try not to). If you don’t know where any pipes might be located under your floors, contact us here at [Company Name] first so we can help figure out what needs doing before we install anything permanently into place — though if there are no plans for renovating soon then just go ahead with whatever feels right for now 🙂

Make Do with a Small Closet

If you’re living in a small apartment, the last thing that you want is to have your space taken up by your clothes and shoes. But when it comes to organizing them, there are some options that can help make life easier for you. One of these is using a hanging shoe rack or organizer so that you don’t have shoes spread all over the floor or taking up space on shelves. You can also use a dresser as well as other types of storage furniture like valets and nightstands to store accessories such as hats, ties, scarves and belts. If it turns out that all this still isn’t enough space for everything then another option would be getting some sort of bag (like one made specifically for shoes) that lets people carry around their entire outfits at once without needing more than just one bag!

Put Artwork on Display

If you have artwork that you’ve been meaning to hang, this is the year to make it happen. There are lots of ways to display original art, whether it’s a piece you made yourself or something from your favorite artist. Here are some easy and affordable options for hanging artwork:

  • Use command hooks
  • Hang two pieces of wood together with cord or rope
  • Frame a piece of art and hang on the wall with wire hangers

If you have an expensive painting on your hands, there are also more elaborate methods of displaying. For example, if a painting isn’t big enough to fill up an entire wall in your apartment (or if you live in a studio apartment), consider mounting it on foam core board and hanging horizontally over a doorway as an accent piece. You can also place smaller paintings on easels or add them into clusters around larger ones for an artistic effect.

Upgrade Ugly Flooring with Area Rugs

For those of you who have a boring, basic flooring, area rugs are the perfect way to spruce it up and add some character to your room. Area rugs can completely change the look of a room; they can give it warmth, color, texture and even provide an opportunity for pattern mixing! If you’re not sure where to start when choosing an area rug for your apartment or home, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose an area rug that has some sort of contrast with the flooring underneath. This will create balance in the space as well as draw attention towards whichever piece of furniture is placed on top of it!
  • Keep things simple by choosing one large-sized rug instead of several smaller ones scattered around the place—this will help prevent clutter from forming around those areas where multiple pieces are placed together (i.e., coffee table legs).
  • Always try out different sizes before purchasing anything online—it’s important that everything fits into its intended spot so take measurements beforehand just in case!

Hang Curtains from the Ceiling

  • Hang curtains from the ceiling. Curtains are a great way to make your apartment feel more elegant and functional, but they can be bulky and hard to store if you don’t have much room. Hang curtains from the ceiling instead of hanging them on a curtain rod, which will save space and make your room look bigger. This is also an easy way to dress up a bare wall so that it looks more interesting!

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furniture that can serve multiple purposes is your best friend. A table that doubles as a desk, or a bedside table used to store books and magazines, can give you a lot more space.

If you have some unused furniture lying around, why not turn it into something useful? A dresser can become a sideboard; coffee tables can double up as mini bars; sofas make great beds; and chest of drawers are also wonderful for storing things on them (while also giving off an industrial vibe).

Use Baskets for Organization

Baskets are a great way to store and organize things. You can use them in many ways, including:

  • In the kitchen, where they can be used to hold items like dish towels, sponges and cleaning supplies.
  • In the living room or bedroom for holding magazines and books.
  • In the bathroom for storing cotton balls, hair bands and other toiletries (like lotion).

Baskets are a great choice because they add an element of style without taking up much space or becoming an eyesore that makes you want to throw out everything that’s inside it!

Mix Styles for a Funky Look

Mixing styles is a great way to create a unique look. You can mix different elements of different styles, or even use one item that incorporates multiple styles. For example, you can use a modern pendant light with an antique side table and some statement art on the wall. Your landlord may not approve if you go overboard with this idea though!

If you’re having trouble deciding how to decorate your apartment, start by asking yourself what kind of homey vibe you want to achieve. Do you want it to feel cozy? Classy? Cheerful? Then ask yourself what sorts of things would help give off those vibes:

  • A lush rug and comfy furniture
  • Lots of bright colors and bold prints
  • Rustic wooden furniture and warm lighting

Create a Focal Point With Shelving or Cabinets

You can use shelving or cabinets to create a focal point in the room. A bookshelf, for example, can be used to display items such as decorative art and framed photos. This provides you with a beautiful way to showcase your most beloved possessions. Alternatively, you could use a cabinet (which is often deeper than a bookshelf) for storing items like pots and pans or cookbooks. If you’re not sure what type of furniture piece would work best for your home, search online for inspiration!

Think Small When It Comes to Furniture (For Smaller Rooms)

This is not to say that you should only use small furniture, but it is good to keep things in mind when you’re shopping around.

Smaller furniture can help make a room appear larger because the eye will naturally take in more of the room with less objects on the floor. If you want to go big with your decorating, you could even consider using multi-purpose items such as sofas that also function as beds or coffee tables that double as storage spaces for remotes and other small objects.

If your home is really small, choose light-colored pieces of furniture (such as white) because they’ll make a room seem bigger than darker ones would. Also bear in mind that heavy pieces tend to feel bulky while lighter ones will be easier on your back when moving them around! If it’s too cumbersome for one person alone then consider getting help from someone else who lives nearby who could lend support during those times when things become overwhelming.”

Add an Element of Greenery With Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are the perfect way to add an element of greenery to your home, and they can be used in a variety of ways. They’re great as focal points (think of all the Instagram-worthy #hangingplant photos you’ll be able to take) or as dividers between spaces. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can even make your own hanging planters!

Of course, plants aren’t just for decoration: they also have practical uses too. In addition to adding color and style to your home, plants bring life into any room—and if that’s not enough for you, consider how much it’ll help reduce indoor pollutants like carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That said, don’t go overboard on this one; try not

to overdo it by incorporating too many different types at once into one space because that might start making things feel cluttered instead of stylishly integrated!

No Money for a Headboard? Hang a Quilt or Comforter Instead.

A bedspread isn’t just for the bedroom. It can be used to cover an entire sofa or chair, add a pop of color to your walls, and even serve as an accent piece on its own.

To use a quilt or comforter as a headboard:

  • Hang the quilt over the top of your bed frame, then drape it down both sides so that it hangs about two inches below each side rail (total length should be about 20 inches longer than your mattress).
  • Secure each end with safety pins if necessary, but don’t worry if they don’t all stay straight—you want them hanging loosely!

Think about Floating Nightstands If You Need More Floor Space.

If you need more floor space, think about floating nightstands. Floating nightstands can be placed anywhere in the room because they’re usually freestanding and don’t have legs. You can use a floating nightstand to save some space when you’re furnishing your apartment, or even if you have a larger apartment that just needs some extra organization and storage space.

Floating nightstands are great for small spaces because they offer both surface area and storage space without taking up much room visually (like other pieces of furniture would). They also add versatility to your design options: If you want something with more personality than a regular shelf or chest of drawers but don’t want anything too bulky or heavy looking, floating nightstands are great options!


We hope you’ve found some inspiration in these ideas. We’re always looking for more ways to make our homes as comfortable and stylish as possible, so let us know what other hacks have helped you!

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