24 College Apartment Decor Ideas


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Here are some college apartment decor ideas:

  1. Hang up string lights or fairy lights to add a cozy atmosphere.
  2. Use removable wall decals to add character to your walls.
  3. Invest in a comfortable rug to add warmth to your space.
  4. Use throw pillows and blankets to add pops of color and texture to your furniture.
  5. Display your favorite art or photographs on the walls or on a gallery wall.
  6. Use baskets or bins to store and organize items.
  7. Add plants to bring life to your space and improve the air quality.
  8. Use a bookshelf or floating shelves to add storage and display your favorite items.
  9. Invest in a comfortable and stylish futon or couch.
  10. Use a bench or ottoman with storage to add seating and organization.
  11. Hang up a tapestry or blanket for a bohemian touch.
  12. Use mirrors to make your space feel larger and brighter.
  13. Invest in a set of matching towels and washcloths for your bathroom.
  14. Use a bulletin board or whiteboard to stay organized and display notes and reminders.
  15. Use a ladder shelf to add storage and display plants or other decorative items.
  16. Hang up a hammock or swing chair to add a relaxed and fun touch to your space.
  17. Use a bar cart to store and display your favorite drinks and glassware.
  18. Invest in a good quality bedspread and throw pillows to add comfort and style to your bed.
  19. Use a coat rack or hooks to keep your entryway organized and clutter-free.
  20. Use a privacy screen or room divider to add some separation to a shared space.
  21. Use a bench or trunk at the foot of your bed for additional seating and storage.
  22. Use a set of matching pots and pans to upgrade your kitchen.
  23. Hang up a large map or world map to add a unique and educational touch to your space.
  24. Use a pegboard to organize and display your tools and other small items.