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If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to brighten up your living space, you’ve come to the right place! We teamed up with interior designers and experts to help you create a home that’s both stylish and functional. By making changes as small as adding an accent wall or as large as painting your walls a new color, you can make your home look like it’s been completely renovated. So put on your designer hat and let’s get started on some of our favorite home decorating ideas, below:

Vibrant color with a delicate touch

If you’re looking to add some color, but don’t want an overbearing impact on your space, a little goes a long way. Instead of painting an entire wall or adding an entire rug in one bold hue, select just one area and choose a more delicate hue that will contrast with the rest of your decor. This works best if you’re trying to introduce orange into your home—it’s not only pleasing to the eye but also adds warmth and life!

Patterned wallpaper on the ceiling

If you’re short on space, patterned wallpaper can be a great way to make the room feel bigger. Place it high up so it’s easy to see and incorporate into your decor. Use neutral colors to blend with the walls and bold patterns for a statement piece that will draw eyes upward.

If you want an even bigger impact, consider painting the ceiling—yes, actual painting! This technique works especially well if there are other design elements in play on the walls (like an accent wall). You’ll also need to keep in mind that paint can’t be replaced easily if you later want a different look for your home decorating ideas or change your mind about what color scheme works best with your new sofa furniture set or countertop materials

Embrace the unloved door

Use a door as a headboard.

Use a door as an end table or coffee table.

Use a door as a mirror to hang on your wall.

Use it as a shelf: either free standing or mounted on the wall (for example, use it as an entryway shelf).

Find some way to make use of the backside of your door. You could cut out shapes and paint them with chalkboard paint, then use them for storage in any room of the house; in your closet, you could put hooks at different heights and attach them all together so they look like one big hanging space; you could even mount them at different heights and hang clothes on them!

Mounted doors look great when used for desks too! Or if you want something more rustic-looking but still modern, try mounting two smaller doors together with hinges in between so that when opened up they form one large writing surface like this amazing piece from Design Sponge .

Wallpapered floors

  • If you have a small space that needs an extra punch of color, consider papering the floor. A neutral color on the walls and a dark or light shade on the floor will make your room feel more open and cozy.
  • For example, if you’re looking for more of a Scandinavian vibe in your home office but don’t want to go full-on Minimalist with white cabinetry, one idea could be to paint your desk with a crisp white coat and then add some pops of red throughout: think throw pillows on those chairs or even just some wall art featuring red accents like apples or pears.
  • It’s also important not to let any space go bare—even if they’re only temporary! A simple way to create interest is by hanging a curtain (or two) over any exposed windows (or doorways). This can help draw attention towards other design features while still allowing light into the room without feeling overwhelming because there won’t be any harsh shadows cast from direct sunlight coming through windows onto flat surfaces where there’s nothing else interesting happening visually at all times during daylight hours when everyone is awake inside their own homes sleeping peacefully together as family members

A little bit of trompe l’oeil

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, trompe l’oeil (pronounced trohm luh wahy) is a French phrase that means “to deceive the eye.” This artistic style uses realistic-looking objects—like wallpaper or paint—to create an optical illusion in order to trick your brain into believing what it sees.

One way to achieve this effect is by using stencils! Stenciling is an easy technique for painting detailed designs on walls or doors. It can be done quickly and easily, and doesn’t require any previous experience. All you need is some paint (and maybe some brushes), a stencil design of your choice (we suggest choosing something simple like floral patterns), and some patience!

Embrace the 9-foot ceiling

  • Embrace the 9-foot ceiling.
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold with color and pattern.
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold with pattern and color.

Decorate on a dime (with dimes)

  • Use dimes to create a pattern on the floor, ceiling, or walls.
  • Place dimes on a tablecloth to create a texture.
  • Place dimes in jars or bowls to display as decor.

Not your average pegboard

  • Use a pegboard to store tools and other items.
  • Use a pegboard to display decorative items.
  • Use a pegboard to make a bulletin board.
  • Make a pegboard table by using two boards and hanging them on the wall with brackets or bolts, then attaching hooks all over the surface of one board so it’s ready for use (just put your tools on them!). This technique could also be used for an art project—you could cover it in paper, stickers, or whatever else catches your fancy!

Go for a painted ceiling

Painting the ceiling is a great way to add color to a room. It can also be used as an accent color and works especially well in rooms where there are tall windows on two or three sides of the room. This creates an effect that looks like sunlight is shining on your painting, giving it more depth and vibrancy.

You can paint the ceiling a different color than the walls, trim or furniture for visual interest; however, keep in mind that light colors will make rooms look smaller while dark colors will make them appear larger. White is always safe because it doesn’t clash with any type of furniture or wall colors but will still provide enough contrast so as not to be overwhelming.

Make your wallpaper work overtime

Wallpaper can be used in a myriad of ways, from unexpected to outrageous. For example, if you love a bold geometric pattern but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate it into your home decor, try using wallpaper as wallpaper! Have fun with the material and experiment with its many forms: try stripes in various sizes and colors or an allover pattern that may be hard to see on the wall at first glance.

If you want some inspiration for other ways to use wallpaper creatively and excitingly in your home, check out these ideas below!

Go for bold, graphic bedding.

Bedding can be a great way to express your personality, and if you’re looking for ways to enliven your bedroom or living room’s decor, bedding is an easy way to do that. If you want to use your bedding as the focal point of the room, consider going bold with graphic patterns or colors like reds and purples. You can also show off your sense of humor by using cartoons or silly sayings on your sheets.

For example: If you’re feeling less serious about things, why not try this set of “I’m Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday” pillowcases? Or if you have a friend who loves The Office but has never seen Parks & Recreation (and thus is missing out), get them these fun “Treat Yo Self” pillowcases! These are just some examples—you can find lots more options online!

Play with pattern, but keep it balanced.

When you’re decorating, use patterns in your walls and furniture to add visual interest, but make sure they’re balanced. Patterns should be similar in size, scale, color and style; they should also be of equal complexity. Orientation is important too: if you have a pattern on one wall that’s vertical and another that’s horizontal, it’ll feel more orderly if the patterns are oriented the same way (vertical or horizontal) throughout your home.

Install some wainscotting.

Wainscotting is a type of wall covering that typically consists of wooden boards nailed to the wall at regular intervals. It can be painted, stained, or covered with wallpaper and is often used to create a decorative border around walls that aren’t wide enough for full-length wallcoverings. Wainscotting also serves as a ready-made surface for displaying artwork, bookshelves and other items that need room to breathe while remaining on display.

It’s also an effective way to cover up nooks or crannies left by windows or doors in your walls.

Sculptural seating area in front of the fireplace.

Add some sculptural seating, and you have a whole new space. You could use an oversized chair for this, or even just a single large piece of furniture that looks like it could be used as a coffee table. Add a rug to define the sitting area, along with another smaller table or sideboard to place drinks on. Or if you want to go really bold—and make your fireplace the focal point of the room—use multiple coffee tables instead! A large plant or other decorative item helps tie everything together too, along with a big piece of artwork above the mantelpiece (or elsewhere in your home).

Give your bookshelves a makeover.

  • Add a few plants.
  • Add a lamp.
  • Add a mirror.
  • Add a clock.
  • Add a small vase with fresh flowers.
  • Add a piece of art that you love and will look great on your bookshelves, like this print by artist Maggie Kimberl, which I found at Society6: https://society6.com/product/blue-bird_print#1=45&2=51&3=54&4=55&5=56&6=57&7=58

Add an unexpected burst of color with wall decals.

If you’ve ever wondered how to add color to a room, wall decals are an excellent way to do it. They can be used in almost any space—even the bathroom! Wall decals can also be used to create your own unique touch on an otherwise boring room. In addition, wall decals are perfect for adding fun accents or just giving your home a little personality boost.

Let there be light! (and lots of it.)

  • Create a mood.
  • Make the room feel bigger.
  • Add coziness to your space.
  • Create elegance in your living room or dining room.
  • Modernize your home with the addition of more light fixtures and lamps in different places like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even hallways!

Don’t be afraid to go dark — and cozy — in the bedroom.

Don’t be afraid to go dark — and cozy — in the bedroom.

Darker colors can create a soothing, calming environment that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day. Think deep reds and navy blue, moody greens and dusty pinks. Choose one color as an accent tone and let it shine through on accents throughout the room: pillows, curtains or furniture upholstery. If you want an even cozier feel, add layers of texture with soft blankets and throws woven from natural fibers like cotton or linen (which also look great alongside classic leather).

Got a French window? Keep it simple with Roman shades.

Got a French window? Keep it simple with Roman shades.

To make sure your roman shade fits the bill, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Make sure the shade is the same color as your walls. It’s not that difficult to find a fabric in the same color palette as whatever you already have up, but if you’re looking for something more specific—say, an exact match—you may want to consider ordering custom shades. This might set you back a couple hundred dollars per window (depending on how many windows you have), so be prepared!
  • Be sure that your shades are long enough to cover all of your windows if they’re open at once (and if they aren’t). If a person looks straight out of one side and into another room through two open French doors, I would recommend buying Roman Shades in two different lengths: one short enough so that there’s no gap between them when closed; one longer than both sets combined so there won’t be any gaps between them when opened completely or partially closed together

You can use any of these ideas to brighten up your room!

You can use any of these ideas to brighten up your room!

  • Use one of the ideas to brighten up your room, whether it’s by adding some color or style, making it more comfortable, or making it more functional.
  • Use the ideas to make your room more beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

On this page we’ve collected 24 great home decorating ideas that will help you create a beautiful space in which to relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family.


Now that we’ve covered some of the best home decorating ideas, you’re ready to tackle your next interior design project with confidence. With the right tools and resources, it’s easy to create a space that’s functional, comfortable, and completely unique.

The key is identifying what works for your lifestyle and preferences, so take some time to think about what would make you most happy in a space before getting started. Don’t discredit your own opinions — after all, you’re the one who lives there!

And if you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas of how best transform an area into something new altogether? Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members for help — they might have insight into things you’d never even thought about yourself! If all else fails though…well then maybe just paint everything pink! You can’t really go wrong with that!

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