20 College Apartment Aesthetic Ideas for 2023


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Sure! Here are some ideas for a college apartment aesthetic:

  1. Boho chic: This look is all about incorporating natural, bohemian elements into your space. Think plush rugs, plant-filled corners, and woven baskets.
  2. Mid-century modern: This style is all about clean lines, natural materials, and an emphasis on function. Incorporate retro-inspired furniture, geometric prints, and wood accents.
  3. Industrial: Embrace the raw, industrial look with exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal finishes.
  4. Preppy: Give your apartment a preppy vibe with a color scheme of navy, red, and green. Add some nautical-inspired touches like stripes and anchors.
  5. Minimalist: Keep your space clutter-free with a minimalist aesthetic. Use a neutral color palette and only keep essential pieces of furniture.
  6. Retro: Embrace the fun and funky vibes of the past with a retro-inspired aesthetic. Incorporate bright colors, bold patterns, and vintage furniture.
  7. Global: Give your apartment a worldly feel by incorporating elements from different cultures. Use textiles, patterns, and furniture from around the globe.
  8. Glam: Go all out with a glam aesthetic. Use metallic accents, plush fabrics, and lots of shine to create a luxurious look.
  9. Farmhouse: Bring the cozy, rustic vibe of the farmhouse to your apartment with wood accents, gingham patterns, and vintage-inspired pieces.
  10. Urban: Embrace the city life with an urban aesthetic. Incorporate concrete and industrial elements, as well as street art and graffiti.

Sure! Here are ten more ideas for a college apartment aesthetic:

  1. Coastal: Bring the beach to your apartment with a coastal aesthetic. Use light, airy colors, natural materials, and beach-inspired accents like shells and coral.
  2. Eclectic: Mix and match different styles and eras to create a unique, eclectic look. Incorporate a variety of patterns, textures, and colors to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.
  3. Scandinavian: Achieve a clean and cozy look with a Scandinavian aesthetic. Use light woods, natural materials, and a minimal color palette.
  4. Rustic: Create a warm and inviting space with a rustic aesthetic. Use wood, stone, and natural fibers, as well as antique or vintage pieces.
  5. Traditional: Give your apartment a classic, timeless look with a traditional aesthetic. Use rich, dark woods, elegant patterns, and timeless pieces of furniture.
  6. Art deco: Embrace the glamour and opulence of the art deco era with a bold, geometric aesthetic. Use metallic accents, mirrored surfaces, and lots of shine.
  7. Gothic: Create a mysterious and moody atmosphere with a gothic aesthetic. Use dark colors, rich fabrics, and dramatic lighting.
  8. Victorian: Achieve a timeless, sophisticated look with a Victorian aesthetic. Use ornate details, rich fabrics, and antique furnishings.
  9. Steampunk: Embrace the industrial, Victorian-inspired aesthetic of steampunk with a mix of vintage and modern elements. Use gears, cogs, and other mechanical accents.
  10. Tropical: Bring the warmth and vibrancy of the tropics to your apartment with a tropical aesthetic. Use bright colors, palm prints, and tropical plants.