19 College Desk Decor For Dorm Room


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  1. Photo frames with pictures of friends and family
  2. A small plant, like a succulent or cactus
  3. A desk calendar or planner
  4. Inspirational quotes or posters
  5. String lights or fairy lights
  6. A small table clock
  7. A small rug or mat
  8. A vase with flowers
  9. A small sculpture or decorative object
  10. A set of colored pens or pencils
  11. A desk mat
  12. A cute pencil holder
  13. A memo board
  14. A small picture frame with a memorable photo
  15. A bookmark with a personal quote
  16. A small notebook or journal
  17. A pen cup or holder
  18. A small desk fan
  19. A small notebook with a personalized cover