16 College Apartment Living room ideas


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  1. Hang a tapestry or other large decorative piece on the wall to add visual interest.
  2. Use a floor lamp or table lamp to add some ambient lighting.
  3. Set up a small bar cart or drinks station for entertaining guests.
  4. Incorporate a fireplace or electric fireplace for a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Hang up a large mirror to make the room feel bigger and brighter.
  6. Add some cozy throw blankets and plush pillows for snuggling up on the couch.
  7. Use a bookshelf or shelving unit to display your favorite knick-knacks and decorative items.
  8. Use a large rug to anchor the furniture in the room and define the space.
  9. Incorporate some greenery with potted plants or a small indoor herb garden.
  10. Add a rocking chair or recliner for relaxation.
  11. Use baskets or storage bins to keep clutter at bay.
  12. Hang up some sheer curtains to add some privacy and warmth to the room.
  13. Incorporate some decorative pillows and throws in bold colors or patterns.
  14. Use a storage ottoman to keep items out of sight but easily accessible.
  15. Set up a small workstation with a desk and chair for studying or working from home.