14 college apartment essentials that you can’t Believe We found on Amazon


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  1. A mini fridge: Keep drinks and snacks cold with a compact fridge.
  2. A microwave oven: Perfect for heating up leftovers or cooking quick meals.
  3. A coffee maker: A must-have for college students who need their caffeine fix.
  4. A toaster oven: A convenient and space-saving way to bake and toast.
  5. A blender: Make smoothies, shakes, and more with a blender.
  6. A rice cooker: A quick and easy way to cook rice and other grains.
  7. A slow cooker: Make soups, stews, and other dishes with a slow cooker.
  8. A pressure cooker: Cook food faster with a pressure cooker.
  9. A set of pots and pans: Essential for cooking a variety of meals.
  10. A set of cooking utensils: Spatulas, ladles, and other utensils are essential for cooking and serving food.
  11. A cutting board: A must-have for chopping and preparing ingredients.
  12. A kitchen scale: Measure ingredients accurately with a kitchen scale.
  13. A set of mixing bowls: Use mixing bowls for preparing and storing food.
  14. A set of measuring cups and spoons: Essential for following recipes accurately.