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Design a protective bedbug guard

A good way to keep those critters out while you sleep is to make your bed (and yourself!) hard to reach. Try these tips:

  • Tape up any openings in the frame where bedbugs can crawl in. Don’t forget the legs!
  • Use a blanket or sheet as a protector. You don’t have to drape it over your mattress, but do cover your mattress and box spring with fabric that you can wash regularly.
  • Get a mattress cover or pad. It will be easier to remove bedbugs from this than from your actual mattress, so you can get rid of them without having to lug your mattress down the hall for an exterminator.
  • Get clear plastic containers with tight lids and store all of your food (including cereal) in them. Having no food available will discourage bedbugs from hanging out in your room, because they like places where there is food nearby.

Make use of wall space

Do you know why there are so many whiteboards in colleges and high schools? The answer is simple: it’s an excellent way to utilize wall space. If you haven’t tried this before, get yourself a whiteboard, plug it in and start letting your ideas flow! Here are some of our favorite ideas for storing info on a wall that are easy to pull off.

If you’re worried about hanging anything on the walls of your dorm or apartment yet don’t want to mess up any walls, consider using a decorative frame as a display case. This keeps items contained, plus they look great either piled high or displayed on their own.

Create an accent wall

The first thing many people think of when it comes to accent walls is wallpaper (and for good reason). Like paint, wallpaper can be used to create a statement space in your dorm. However, unlike paint, wallpaper has the added benefit of usually being textured or patterned and can create a bolder effect on a wall.

Another great way to use wallpaper to make an accent wall in your dorm would be to pick a removable peel-and-stick option, and apply it directly onto an existing wall in the room. Not only will this save you time by skipping out on the painting process altogether, but you also don’t have to worry about damaging any walls at all. Check out these gorgeous peel-and-stick options that are actually affordable!

Tuck your bed into a corner

When you get to move into your dorm, you may be tempted to push the twin-sized bed against one of the walls, but resist this urge! The space underneath your bed is far more valuable than you might realize. You can use it for storage, or even a mini-closet. And if you tuck your bed into a corner, you’ll feel as though there’s more space in the room. This is because people perceive large spaces as having more room—even if that perception defies logic or science (remember: college is where we learn to question everything).

If you do put your bed against a wall, make sure to position it so that the head of the bed faces away from any open doorways; otherwise someone could barge in without warning and startle you awake at 3am. In general, despite what your mother might have told you, try not to place heavy furniture against exterior walls. The reason for this involves physics and heat transfer; but again, go ahead and question it.

Add temporary wallpaper to the ceiling

An easy way to add a little decor to your dorm room is by adding wallpaper, but you might want to avoid using paint. If paint drips on the floor or another surface, it can be difficult to remove.

Instead, use removable adhesive hooks and temporary wallpaper. Because it’s made with self-adhesive fabric that sticks when pressure is applied and is removed easily, it’s a painless—and mess-free—way for you to customize your space as much as you want and remove it when the time comes. Though not essential, you’ll also need a stepladder so that you can reach the ceiling safely.

Decorate your door

Decorate your dorm room door

It’s a space that people see every time they pass by. Give it the attention it deserves! Whether you want to feel like you’re walking into a tropical paradise or Hogwarts, try one of these ideas:

  • Use a wreath. A classic, holiday-style wreath is always a good option. Pick one in your school’s colors and add some festive lights and bows to really make it stand out. Or get creative and use something unexpected, like an inflatable inner tube.
  • Put up a poster. Find one with an inspiring quote or dorky joke that makes you smile every time you see it.
  • Add a sign. Whether it says “You knocked at the wrong door!” or “Welcome!”—you can never go wrong with a sign that adds some personality to the entrance of your room.
  • Add sticky notes with messages on them (either from friends or from yourself). This is especially cute if you turn each sticky note into its own colorful shape before taping them onto your door (triangles, hearts, stars… anything goes!).

Hang curtains from the ceiling

So you want to add curtains to your dorm room, but there aren’t any walls to hang them on? Don’t worry. Just grab a curtain rod, some curtains, and hang the rod from the ceiling! Then you can hang the curtains around your bed or desk.

You can also use a tension rod in the same way for smaller spaces like your closet, and even attach it to something like a desk chair. This video shows how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vub1_KjDfO8

And that’s it! Now you’re all set for an awesome school year full of beautiful dorm decor!

Set up mirrors for better lighting

While it’s no secret that dorm rooms are small, you can use strategic mirrors to make your room appear larger. Opt for a full-length mirror and place it opposite a window with an open window treatment. The sunlight will reflect off the window and the mirror, giving your room more natural light. This will make your space look bigger than it actually is!

Use containers as storage units near the desk for school supplies and books. under the bed for clothes and shoes, and on shelves for personal belongings.

The right containers can keep things organized, prevent clutter, and even add a decorative touch to your room. You can use them under the bed, on shelves, and next to your desk—you’re only limited by your imagination. If you have a lot of school supplies and books, consider using containers as storage units by your desk. If you have a lot of clothes and shoes, find some tall ones that will fit under your bed. And if you have a lot of personal belongings like photos or keepsakes, find some with interesting shapes or designs to add flair to your room’s decor. Containers are easy to find in stores (and online) everywhere. They also don’t cost much—and if you need something specific that isn’t cheap enough for you to buy in stores, try looking for one at thrift shops!

Bonus: Containers are also portable! In case you wind up needing something else for your dorm room stuff (or just want more space), it will be easy for you to move around the items in the containers to another storage system.

Keep things organized with baskets.

Baskets are a great way to keep things organized.

Add extra closet space with shelves.

A tall shelving unit is a must in your dorm. It’s so easy to use and it can help you stay organized. It’s also a great way to store shoes and clothes, as well as bags, books, and photos. If you’re feeling extra crafty, try making your own shelves using plywood or even PVC pipe!

Add a rug beneath your bed

Rugs are warm and cozy, which is a welcome feeling after walking into your dorm room in the winter. The rug will also make your room feel more homey and inviting, because it gives it a burst of personality and adds an extra layer of texture to the space. It’ll also make the floor feel warmer overall, which will make you want to hang out on it more often.

There’s no need for expensive or complicated furnishings or decorations if you’re living in a small dorm (and with limited space). A simple rug can do wonders for making your room look bigger and better than ever before. Plus, rugs help absorb sound and can even help lessen ambient noise from outside your door.

Rugs keep your feet warm during those cold winter months when you just want to stay snuggled up in bed on a Saturday morning instead of getting ready to go out into the world. Is there anything worse than getting out of bed on a cold day only to have freezing toes?

Don’t let footprints all over your dorm floor ruin its cleanliness! Rugs help keep floors clean by absorbing dirt and mud that people track inside every time they come back from class or walk around their rooms barefoot. Your rug will likely be placed right by the door so that anyone who enters the room has to step onto it first—which means it will serve as an effective barrier against messy footprints.

these hacks will keep you living in style

Besides making your room look like a Pinterest board come to life, these tips will also help you stay organized and make your space easy to live in. Keep in mind that if you get creative with these ideas, you can even bend the rules a little bit and make your room reflect what makes you tick. Have fun with it! If there’s one thing college is, it’s an adventure. Make sure yours is full of memories—and photos!

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