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Small studio apartments are no doubt a modern fashionable lifestyle trend. With the increased demand for rental properties and reduced land area, people are forced to reside in small spaces. Making a small apartment functional and organized has been a daunting task for many. The reality is that you can still live in a stylish way when you have limited space. Despite the challenges associated with living in small spaces, there is nothing that you cannot overcome with some creativity and resourcefulness. Here are 24 ideas on how you can decorate your small studio apartment:

The Hanging Bed In the Studio Apartment

The hanging bed is an excellent way to save space, and you can use it in a studio apartment or any room of the house. When the bed is not used, you simply fold it up against the wall. This is a great choice for small bedrooms, as well as for rooms that are used for other purposes during the day (such as your living room).

If your budget allows for more than one person, then this solution would be ideal for couples who like to spend time together but don’t want to share a bed all night long!

The Folding Bed Idea

The folding bed is a great space saver. The folding bed can be used as a couch, a bed or a table and it is easy to store and clean. You can also use your folding bed as an extra seat when you have guests over.

The most important thing to consider when buying a folding bed is that they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So if you want something with storage capabilities then this might not be the right option for you because some of them don’t have any storage options at all which means they’re just made out of metal and fabric which isn’t ideal depending on where you’ll be placing your new furniture piece (especially if there’s no room).

The Compact Hidden Bed Idea

The compact hidden bed idea is one of the most popular small space interior design ideas on the market. It’s also one of the easiest ways to create extra sleeping space in your studio apartment.

A hidden bed can be placed almost anywhere, as long as you have room for it and don’t mind doing some rearranging every time you want to use it. For example, you could use a sliding barn door to hide a folding cot under an existing sofa or futon—the only downside is that there’s no other place to sit once this furniture piece has been pulled out!

The Lofted Bed in A Studio Apartment

Lofted beds are a great way to create more space in your studio apartment. They’re also a fun DIY project that can be done with little money and effort.

The benefits of lofted bed are:

  • You’ll have extra storage on top of the bed, which is useful if you have limited closet space or live in an area with mild weather (like Southern California). It’s also great for storing seasonal clothes and shoes.
  • Lofted beds look cool—and who doesn’t want their bedroom to be cooler than it already is?

Rolling Storage Bed Idea

This rolling storage bed idea is a great option for small studio apartments. The space-saving solution can be used for sleeping or storage, making it versatile and convenient. This cheap solution is stylish and easy to assemble. It’s also small enough that you can move it around when needed.

Low-Cost Elevated Beds

If you’re looking for a bed frame that is both elevated and portable, this one may be for you. It’s made from two-by-fours and plywood and can be assembled in less than an hour. The design also includes wheels so that it can easily be moved around the room.

The cost of materials varies depending on whether you buy them new or second hand. If you’re building it yourself, expect to spend about $100 USD on wood (about $80-$90 USD if buying) plus other necessary tools like nails or screws ($35).

A similar version without wheels costs about $75-$85 USD. However, this version requires more materials (about 2x4s rather than 4x4s), so take that into account when thinking about your budget and how much space you have available in your home or apartment!

Favorable High Ceilings In Studio Apartments

When looking for a studio apartment, high ceilings are a great feature to look for. Not only do they make the space feel more open and airy, but they also allow you to store things on the walls. This can be anything from artwork or souvenirs to kitchen supplies or clothing. High ceilings can give your studio apartment a very expansive, luxurious feel that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in such a small space.

Stunning Canopy Bed for Studio Apartment

Canopies are great for small spaces, as they create a cozy and enclosed feeling by creating privacy. They also provide storage, which is especially useful when you’re working in a small apartment. And of course, if you have a canopy bed like this one from Looma (pictured), then you can sleep under it!

If you have an extra-small studio apartment that needs some extra storage space for your books or other items, consider buying a Murphy bed. These beds fold up against the wall when not in use but can be pulled down at night or any other time when you need them (this particular design does not require any tools). They make great reading spots too!

Great Storage Ideas for Studio Apartments

There are a lot of creative ways to use space in small studio apartments. You can utilize the space under your bed, for example, which is perfect for storing extra linens or shoes. Even though it’s hard to see from the outside, there is just enough room underneath the bed frame for some storage bins or baskets.

Another area that often goes overlooked when it comes to storage ideas is behind windows—in kitchens and bathrooms alike! If you have a window that opens up onto another room (like in my apartment), consider installing some sort of shelving so you can utilize this otherwise wasted space. I’ve used this option before and I love how much more organized it makes things look while still being functional!

The Pull-Out Sofa Bed Idea

Pull-out sofa beds are a great way to add more sleeping space to your studio apartment. They can also be used as extra seating. A pull-out sofa bed is basically a couch that has an extra mattress attached to it, which you can pull out when it is time for someone to sleep on the couch. This makes the most of your space by allowing you to use more than one room in your apartment at one time. It also adds another layer of comfort and convenience, especially if you have guests over often or visit friends often who happen not know where they will be sleeping at night!

Do It Yourself Storage Ideas for Studio Apartments.

  • Under the Bed Storage:

If you have a bed frame with no storage underneath it, don’t worry. You can still use this space to store clothes, shoes, towels and more! There are some DIY projects that will give you an idea of how to do this. For example, take a look at these tutorials on how to make your own under the bed drawers using metal bars or wooden boards and fabric (or even just cardboard).

  • Under the Stairs Storage:

Another great place for storage is under your staircase if it has enough space for that purpose! Use baskets or boxes for organizing small items like toiletries and cleaning supplies or even books if there aren’t any shelves nearby. This way everything stays organized but still accessible whenever needed because there won’t be much walking involved when opening each box/basket every time they need something from inside them (unlike having them all over on different surfaces around your apartment).

These are the best small studio apartment ideas

  • You don’t need a big home to live a happy life. A small studio apartment can be just as functional and comfortable, and it’s a great way to save money on rent.
  • You’ll probably have to share your living space with other people, but that’s part of the fun! Renting an apartment with friends means you can split costs, which will save you money in the long run. Plus, there are so many fun activities that you can do in one location: hanging out and watching movies on Netflix is always great (especially when they have commercials). In addition to that, cooking together is another thing that people enjoy doing when they live together—you get delicious food without having to spend any money! Plus there are no dishes left behind which means more time spent on watching TV shows instead.

Well, that concludes our guide to designing a small studio apartment. We hope this has been informative and helpful to you in your journey towards living the simple life! If you have any further questions about how we can help with your next project, feel free to contact us at any time.

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