11 Insane Cheap Ways To Organize Your Kitchen That Will Leave your space looking Expensive


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You can organize your kitchen without spending a ton of money and without breaking the bank. 

Cheap ways to organize your kitchen

Use a pegboard. Pegboards are great for organizing because they can be used to hang almost anything. You can hang pot lids, utensils, dishes, baskets—anything you want!

Use a tension rod. Tension rods are great for under the sink organization and keeping things separated and neat. They’re also great for hanging spray bottles up right instead of lying down in your cabinets taking up valuable space.

Consider using a utensil organizer in your drawers to keep your knives, spoons, spatulas and other cooking tools organized and easy to find. You can choose from an organizer with individual slots or one that has larger compartments where you just dump all your utensils into it so everything stays upright and organized without getting cluttered together in one huge mess like it would if it was just sitting loose in the drawer.

Keep spices in drawers

Storing spices in drawers is a fantastic way to save space and simplify your cooking routine. If you’re an avid cook, you know how important it is to have spices on hand—and, if you don’t use them all the time, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are in the pantry and which ones are hiding behind other stuff. When you organize spices in drawers, though, they’ll always be within arm’s reach! Here’s how to get started:

  • First things first: Divide your drawer into sections that fit your needs. If you only have a few spices or want them grouped by category (herbs, baking ingredients, etc.), consider using dividers or tray inserts so that everything has its own place.
  • Next, label everything! This helps keep things neat and orderly; when a jar is labeled there’s no question where it belongs.
  • Finally—and most importantly—make sure all of the spices are within view and accessible when the drawer is open. And if some are too tall for the top compartment? No problem! A simple solution? Put them in the front row with their labels visible and accessible from above no matter what else might be hidden behind those taller jars.

Use hooks for utensils/towels

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Use peel and stick adhesive for plastic containers

You’ve probably seen adhesive hooks and shelves in stores like Target. These are great options for plastic containers, especially if you’re short on cabinet space. The plastic containers can be stuck inside cabinets or drawers. If you want to remove the containers later, use removable peel and stick adhesive!

Peel and stick adhesive allows you to take the container off the shelf without damaging the surface of your cupboard. This means you can re-arrange your kitchen as often as you’d like without having to scrub glue residue off of your cabinets. It’s also a good option for renters who don’t want to damage or put holes in their walls with nails or screws, but still need some extra storage space. You can store anything in these handy plastic containers: they come in a variety of sizes so that no matter how large (or small!) an item is, there will be one just right for it!

Repurpose items for new uses

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Use lazy susan in the fridge

Here is another lazy susan, but this time it’s as a helpful organizer in the fridge. A lot of people forget about items at the back of their fridge, and a lazy susan can do wonders for bringing them to the forefront. If you want to dedicate an area for condiments or produce that you use often, try using a plate or lazy susan to consolidate those items on one shelf so they’re easy to reach. You’ll save space from stacking these items in different spots—they’ll all be in one place where you want them. The other things in your fridge will be easy to get to as well because this space is cleared up on its own shelf!

Create a “coffee” station

What better way to start off the day than by making your own coffe station? If you think about it, a coffee bar is an essential part of every home. It’s definite that most people love drinking coffee and tea. You must have a steady supply of creamers and sugar, as well as stirrers, paper cups and napkins if you love having guests over. Creating a coffee station on your countertop will make it easier for you to prepare drinks for your family in the mornings before heading out or when guests arrive. Here are some great tips to create your own coffee bar at home:

  • Choose an area that makes sense – choose an accessible place where you can easily store all the supplies needed for your coffee station. This should be near electrical sockets and water pipes so that you can easily plug in appliances like kettles, blenders etc., without having any power or water supply issues occur. Another option is to put them somewhere where they won’t interfere with traffic flow when people walk through rooms such as hallways or dining areas because there aren’t any other options available within those rooms themselves such as cabinets or counterspace which might otherwise block access points into other places within those spaces (e.g., laundry areas).
  • Utensils – make sure there is enough room on both sides of this space so that someone could stand up straight while washing dishes or filling up their cup with hot water from a kettle without hitting anything else nearby; this means avoiding clutter around too many items such as small appliances like blenders or electric kettles which aren’t necessary all year round but may come back into use during holiday seasons such as Christmas time when preparing different foods requires many different gadgets/utensils at once! Think about how often these things get used before buying them because they might end up being more expensive than necessary if only used occasionally – consider buying secondhand ones instead!

Organize canned goods with baskets

You can score some baskets at the thrift store, or even use ones you already have in your home and put them to work! Baskets are especially useful for organizing canned goods.

Mount a lid organizer on the back of a cabinet door.

Use a tension rod.

Use a spice rack.

Use a can organizer.

Use a pegboard.

Use a lazy susan.

Use a cable organizer.

Use a magazine rack.

  • A tension rod is a simple, unobtrusive organizational tool that can be used to divide up a cupboard or drawer in any room. Between the kitchen sink and the dishwasher, I was able to fit two tension rods with room to spare. Now, if I have a full load of sheets and cutting boards, they will all stay upright without toppling over each other. It also makes it easier to grab exactly what you need, since your eyes don’t have to search through a pile of dishes.
  • You can also use tension rods for hanging small items like pot holders or utensils on your walls or in cabinets. There are plenty of ways to do this depending on how much space you want them to take up and where you want them placed.

Add an over-the-door organizer for snacks, aluminum foil and more.

An over-the-door organizer is a genius way to stash all of your snacks, aluminum foil, sandwich bags and more. If you have free wall space inside your pantry door it’s worth hanging one up if you don’t already have one installed there. The organizers keep everything in one place so you can easily grab a granola bar on your way out the door, or even go grocery shopping by checking off the items as you run out. This pantry hack will save you time when cleaning too—you won’t have to take everything off the shelf to get some paper towels for dinner spills; instead just reach for them on the back of the door!

You can organize your kitchen without spending a ton of money.

To get the most out of your organizing efforts, use what you already have to organize first. This will help you determine if you need any extra storage pieces. If so, don’t splurge on them right away—there are plenty of ways to get organized without spending a ton of money!

When browsing organizing pieces, look for items that are functional and versatile; they should also be easy to clean and maintain. You can always add a few inexpensive items here and there as needed!

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