11 Bedroom Essentials Every Apartment Needs That You Can’t Live Without


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A comfy blanket and a couple of pillows

The only thing you really need to be comfortable in your bed is a good blanket. And maybe a couple of pillows. If you’re an especially cold sleeper and live in the Arctic, you may even want to invest in multiple blankets. Not that I would know anything about that…

But seriously, if all else fails, get yourself some nice bed linens and a down comforter or duvet that’s super warm and cozy. Or if you live in a hot climate (like LA), maybe consider something lighter like an airy mosquito net or something from IKEA. Some people find it helpful to put their blanket(s) over their pillows so they can grab onto them at night when they roll over and don’t disturb their partner sleeping next to them too much—just saying!

Also remember that it’s important not only for your own health but also for keeping bugs/dust/mites away from your face if you wash both these items regularly with hot water on the machine’s highest setting–and don’t forget about vacuuming up those microscopic buggers every once in awhile too 🙂

A place to organize your clothes

A place to organize your clothes—whether it’s a closet, a dresser, an armoire, or a wardrobe—is another non-negotiable. Simple and small apartments without closets are perfectly livable; you just need to figure out how to make up for the lack of space. If you don’t have a built-in closet in your new space, look for furniture that can accommodate your clothing needs. If you have the money, go for a full wardrobe or armoire with roomy drawers and shelves inside; if not, consider hanging up a few hooks on the wall and getting some plastic totes to store items on shelves or under your bed. You could also opt for freestanding collapsible closets that are easy to set up anywhere in your apartment. One popular option is Ikea’s Pax system—it comes with customizable shelving units that you can install in any part of your bedroom.

A table and chair for a desk

For those of you who have a job that requires you to work from home, it’s essential that your apartment has a desk. It doesn’t matter if you have the fanciest laptop and all of the other gadgets in the world, if you don’t have a place to put them down to work—it’s going to be really difficult for you to get anything productive done.

You should look for an ideal desk with drawers, so that there’s actually a place for you to put all of your office supplies and not just your laptop. I also recommend having at least one drawer where you can keep important documents or files handy. This way, when you’re working, they’ll always be close by.

Pictures of family and friends you love

Have you heard that hanging photos of the people you love around your living space makes for happier, more satisfying life? It’s true! Plus, it’s nice to have reminders of the good times, and pictures are a great way to do just that. If you can’t be with your family or friends in person all the time, photos can help you feel connected even when they’re far away.


Candles can add a special atmosphere to the bedroom—and even make it smell nice!

Why are candles so important? There are many reasons, so let’s start with the most obvious: they’re romantic. It’s no big secret that candlelight is linked to romance and intimacy. If you’re looking to set the mood for a special night, candles are one of the easiest ways to do it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong if your relationship has reached a point where you’re comfortable with turning on your apartment lights full blast. Still, as an additional option, candles can’t be beat!

But maybe you’re not interested in romance and just want to jazz up your room in a way that doesn’t involve having any other people around. That’s okay too! Candles have great decorative properties. Use them in your room however you like: burn them or don’t burn them; light one at a time or several at once; arrange them on dressers, windowsills or tabletops; fill fancy candle holders or use something more rustic like mason jars (the sky really is the limit here). You can even find scented candles that smell extra sweet in order to keep even the smallest studio apartment smelling fresh and clean without adding any cleaning products that could be harmful to pets or roommates who have asthma or allergies

An alarm clock that isn’t on your phone

An alarm clock of some kind is an essential bedroom accessory. Your phone can be used for a variety of things beyond being an alarm, so it’s best to keep them separate. With an alarm clock, you can add multiple alarms with different sounds to make sure you wake up—and then aren’t groggy all day long. You can also set a repeating alarm for the same time every day (Monday through Friday) or set an alarm for a certain time in the future (like 30 minutes from now). It’s important that your phone and its internet connection be available at night for any emergencies, so make sure it’s not in airplane mode.

Curtains or blinds

It’s important to make sure your blinds or curtains are installed properly. We suggest checking with your landlord before installing anything so that you can get the right kind of hardware and aren’t surprised if any restrictions exist. If you’re on a very tight budget, the good news is that many blinds and curtains are relatively inexpensive, with many priced in the range of $20-50 (though there are certainly exceptions).

Another thing to consider: not all blinds and curtains provide varying levels of light control. Some are designed to block out all light, while others are meant for privacy but still allow light into the room. You’ll need to choose based on what level of privacy you want or need—and, again, it’s a good idea to check with your landlord first before deciding on anything permanent

One spot where you can keep books, magazines, or small decorative objects.

You can keep your books, magazines, or even a small decorative object you want within reach. A place for these is a absolute must-have in any bedroom, as it allows you to keep all of your important reading material in one spot so that it’s easy to find.

There are ways to have this item in your bedroom on the cheap. You could go out and buy a bookshelf for about $50, or you could store them on top of the dresser that you already own, or the desk where you do homework and craft projects. This will not cost you anything extra because it’s something that many people already own! As an added bonus, keeping everything organized will make your bedroom look more put-together and less cluttered.

Fresh flowers, maybe?

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Make-up storage for women or a male equivalent if the man in your life is picky about his toiletries.

I recommend keeping a makeup bag in your bathroom and one in your bedroom. You’ll use one to store all of your essentials that you need in the morning—like mascara, blush, lip balm, foundation—and you can keep the other bag by your bed as a place to stash any products that you’re currently testing out before committing them to your regular rotation. A third option is a makeup organizer that sits on top of a dresser. I love these for storing larger items like moisturizer, body wash, and face masks.

If you have lots of makeup and other beauty products, I suggest using clear drawers or containers to organize everything so it’s easy to see what you have at a glance and make sure nothing gets forgotten about. You might also want to consider cleaning out those containers every few months since they can start collecting dust over time.

A box for important stuff.

You’re going to need a box for important papers, documents, and keepsakes. Birth certificates, passports, social security cards, bank statements—these are all things we need but don’t actively use day-to-day. A nice fireproof box is a safe place to keep these items until they’re needed again. Having a designated place to keep them will help you stave off clutter headaches and make sure that your most precious things are taken care of.

If you’re worried about someone finding this box in the event of an emergency or burglary, look for a model with a lock and key or password protection. If you can hide it somewhere clever (like under your floorboards), that’s even better!

These items are often overlooked when furnishing bedrooms

You’ve just moved into your new apartment and you’re excited to make it your home. You want it to be furnished as well as possible, but don’t know where to start. The best place to start is with the bedroom. But what items do you need? If you follow this guide, your bedroom will be fully furnished and ready for you in no time.

The first item that a bedroom needs is a closet or dresser where clothes can be stored. Though many apartments come with these built in, they are often too small or old and must be replaced with newer ones.

Additionally, most bedrooms should have a desk with a chair so that you can study or work on writing projects if necessary. If the bedroom has its own bathroom, then there should be a medicine cabinet above the sink in which important medicines and toiletries can be stored.

If there is not enough room for all of these things within the bedroom itself, then some of them can go in another room of the apartment; however, if the other rooms are already full of furniture then it may be necessary to store things like extra pillows and bed sheets in closets throughout the apartment so that they do not take up too much space anywhere else.

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