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If you’ve got the desire to create a bohemian-chic bedroom, then you are definitely in the right place cuz this post consists of everything as we tried to make sure you don’t forget to add furniture items in your boho chic bedroom.

This Post Is All About Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas for your dorm room

MACRAME | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

Looooove these macrame wall hangings! They are just what I needed to finish my boho themed bedroom. Everywhere I looked for these they were way more expensive. And I also love the size of them. They are perfect! I like how having the two together break up my wall a little bit. Sooo pleased with my purchase!

Abstract Art | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

I love these! They are cute! Good to fill up an empty wall on your bedroom. If your wall is big, you might want to add an extra accent or two. The colors are not too bright, but are mellow enough in case you change your theme.

Wall Hanging Macrame | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

I love love love this! It’s so pretty. I do plan on putting some stuff on the shelves but honestly it’s nice enough to hang empty! Shelves seem sturdy and easy to adjust

Wall Mirror | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

I bought this for a friend of mine who lives in Fiji. He actually was redoing his bathroom when he was looking for macrame hangings and pot plants.. my friend absolutely loves it. Said it was too good to be in the bathroom so he’s put it in his living space.

Rope Woven Basket | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

This basket saved me at least $80. I couldn’t stand looking at the old, ugly, plain clay plot my Jade tree came in… but I also couldn’t bring myself to spend upwards of $100 on something fancy. This is where this basket comes in… it perfectly accommodates the height and diameter of the clay pot and tray. Fits like it was made just for the ugly 15″ pot. Me and my wallet are satisfied.

Dried Flowers | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

I bought this product to decorate for my Thanksgiving party. For the price and quantity that it came in, the purchase was totally worth it.  I actually created 3 pampas grass arrangements for 3 vases out of just one purchase.  They are so pretty, and I received multiple compliments on them from my guests at the party.

Vintage Rug | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

Decorative Tray | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

This is the perfect coffee table tray, the size is perfect it can easily accommodate my coffee mugs and books. I love the coasters that come along with it. I also use it as a decorative tray. The free wood bead garlands make it a perfect combo. Would definitely recommend!

Phot Display Macrame | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

Love this! Perfect for the price. I purchased this item for the behind-the-door bare spot in my daughter’s bathroom and it’s perfect for her decor and the price paid. 

Wall Collage | Bedroom Boho Chic Idea

These photos are a vibe ! I love boho decor and these photos are definitely that and more. They are so cute. Very calming the pictures are very clear. Great buy !

This Blog Post Was all about Trendy Boho Bedroom Decor

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