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OHH I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is searching the internet trying to find the BEST and CUTEST storage baskets on the internet especially from AMAZON. Here at NL we are obsessed and love everything amazon. So we were super excited to share a few of the best sellers from Amazon.



This is the 3rd laundry basket of this general style that I’ve ordered from this company, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve replaced all of the traditional plastic laundry baskets in my house with these, and it’s a much better experience.

Rectangle Storage | Basket

Wanted a basket collection to help organize cds and sewing stuff on a wrought iron shelving unit. These baskets are perfect. Soft to the touch and won’t scratch cds when kids toss them into the basket without the case (which kids will do, no matter how many times I tell them to not do that), yet sturdy enough to not sag through the slats of the shelves. Girls love the pattern: “looks so good in our room!”

Round Small Woven | Basket

So much to love about this set. I got these for my 8-month-old daughter’s Montessori materials, and they’re perfect. All the sizes are useful. The material is very sturdy, not scratchy, and they’re simple and beautiful. My daughter is able to grasp the handle to pull the baskets easily off the shelf, and they’re not too heavy for her


This is the laundry basket we have on top of our dryer for whites. It is attractive, holds up nicely and is attractive, so that if we have people over, they do not need to see our laundry displayed. Love it!

BLACK Round Small Woven | Basket

I purchased these solely for decorative purposes on top of my kitchen cabinets. They’re exactly like the photo. Complete satisfied!

Bamboo Blue | Baskets

well made, beautiful deep blue color. Roomy, looks great while holding things that don’t look so great. Going to get another set.

Cotton Lining | Baskets

Bought 2 set, & then 2 more: am using them (instead of paper plates!) on our foyer tables to hold our masks to re-wear (each small bin holds one nicely; we know you’re supposed to wash or replace them daily, but we don’t need them more than a couple of hours at a time, often much less). The large size holds most mail or magazines (even if need at an angle).

Hand-Woven | Basket

I love the look of these water hyacinth baskets, I bought it to organize my kitchen cabinets and these turned out to look like it was custom made for our Rev-a-shelf cabinet organizers.. I use these to store potatoes and onions. Highly recommend!

GRANNY SAYS Closet Organizer  | Basket

Great way to store and organize things. Spacious but not too big. Lots great so it can be stored anywhere and it would still look great. High quality and collapses if you might not use them all the time. Highly recommend

Wicker with Lid | Basket

I had searched extensively for a set of baskets the were graduated in size, had a smooth tight weave, ample depth, metal reinforcements in the corners with lids that had closures. Of all the baskets on the internet, this set was the only one to satisfy all requirements!! Plus, the sea grass has a great pleasing natural scent!! 
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