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To dress as a mermaid, start with a mermaid costume. Then, add some seashells and an ocean-themed bra. Since you’re already wearing a tail, don’t forget your accessories! Add a starfish hair clip and bring along a beach ball to complete the look.

Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender is a great costume choice for people who want to wear a traditional costume. You can get red, blue and green face paint at your local drug store and then use it to create an Avatar look. This will require some time and effort, but the result will be amazing!

If you want to go all out with your Avatar costume, consider buying a bald cap instead of wearing face paint. A bald cap is helpful because it hides any hair not included in the traditional look (like eyebrows or eyelashes).

When you’re choosing an Avatar cosplay outfit, don’t forget to buy some accessories like fingerless gloves and a water bender staff! These items are fun additions that make your final look even better than before.

A Harvest Goddess

The Harvest Goddess is a classic Halloween costume, and with good reason. With her flowing, golden hair and simple, elegant dress, she’s an easy look to pull off. To dress like this goddess for Halloween 2022:

  • Apply gold eye shadow on your lid and in your crease to create an understated shimmery effect.
  • Wear long brown or blonde locks that cascade down your back. If you don’t have long hair, curl the ends of a wig so it looks more natural than straight-from-the-package wigs often do.
  • Wear a plain white peasant top over black leggings or tights with brown boots or sandals (or go barefoot).
  • Accessorize with a necklace made out of wooden beads like these!

Mario (And Luigi)

  • Mario and Luigi were two of the most popular characters from the original Super Mario Bros. game, and they’re still as relevant today as they were 35 years ago. You can go as either one, or both if you want to be a duo.
  • For Mario’s costume, pick up some blue overalls and a red shirt at your local thrift store or Walmart (or just use an old pair of jeans). For Luigi’s costume, grab some green overalls and a matching green t-shirt (or an old sweatshirt). It’s best to buy suspenders because they’ll keep those overalls up without having to worry about them falling down every five minutes!
  • If you’re feeling extra ambitious, create mustaches out of felt or glue them onto your face with spirit gum adhesive.

Little Bo Peep

If you want to be the cutest sheep on campus, this costume is for you. It looks adorable, it’s easy to put together, and it’s appropriate for family parties! The toy sheep accessory is super cute and fun, but also helps you engage with people so that they don’t think you are a weirdo who doesn’t talk to others (which would be a shame). And the best part? Even though your costume is cute, it isn’t too revealing or slutty—it’ll still look classy.

Old Hollywood Airport Security

The movie is called Airport Security, and it was made in 2021. The director of the movie is Donnie Darko, who’s also the main actor. He plays a man named Donnie Darko. This movie is set in New York City and follows two men trying to get on an airplane after being told that they aren’t allowed on the plane because they don’t have tickets or identification cards with them. They try to convince everybody else standing in line with them that this isn’t true but nobody believes them! It’s really scary stuff; you should definitely check out my favorite scene where one guy gets shot by another guy who then turns into a giant scorpion monster creature thing because he has been cursed by an ancient Egyptian curse that makes him into these crazy things every time he kills someone (which explains why everybody dies at least once per episode).

The Dancing Emoji

What you need to know:

  • This costume is definitely one of the most creative ones on our list. It’s also a little bit complicated to make and will require some sewing skills, but the end result will be worth it!
  • An emoji is an electronic image that communicates an idea or emotion. Think of them as the modern version of hieroglyphics. They’re usually found in your text messages and emails, as well as on social media like Facebook or Instagram posts.
  • This costume looks super cute in pictures too! If you want to go all out with this look, I’d recommend wearing blue jeans with white sneakers (just make sure they’re clean). You could also opt for black pants with a pair of high heels instead if it suits your outfit better – whatever works best for what kind of party/event you’ll be attending tonight!

Tamatoa from Moana

Tamatoa from Moana is the perfect Halloween costume for you if your friends like to playfully call you “shell” or “blue body paint,” because it involves blue body paint! All you need is a shell-shaped piece of cardboard and some blue paint, which are both things that probably already exist in your house. If not, just Google them and then order them on Amazon.

For this look to really feel like Tamatoa’s from Moana, try drawing big eyes and lips on yourself with eyeliner or lipstick (make sure it’s waterproof). Then put on the shell as a hat and let the rest of your face hang out like he does in his song “Shiny” when he sings about how great his shiny scales are.

A Teacher’s Pet

You could also try dressing like a teacher’s pet. Get yourself a short-sleeved button-down shirt and pair it with a pencil skirt and some killer pumps. Add a pair of glasses to complete the look, or maybe even carry around a clipboard if you want to seem extra studious!

Or…you could just go as a schoolgirl:

A Salt Shaker

If you’re looking for an easy costume that’s cute and comfortable, look no further than the salt shaker. All you need to do is wear a short skirt or mini dress—preferably white—and have some sort of container on your head. You can find one at any party supply store or make it yourself if you’re crafty (just make sure you secure the container so that it doesn’t fall off). If you want to go all out with the theme, fill up some small packets with fake food coloring and drop them into your container as well! This costume can be altered in several ways depending upon how conservative your taste may be: cover up more skin by wearing tights instead of going barefoot; wear a long-sleeved shirt overtop as opposed to going without one; avoid overly revealing necklines in favor of high collars; choose stockings over pantyhose; etcetera ad infinitum! This easy-to-wear outfit also makes an ideal group costume since it turns heads from all angles (and works well if paired with other kitchenware-themed outfits).

If that wasn’t enough, this classic look is easily transformed into an elegant formal dress by removing its “shaker” element! You could even use it again later down the road when dressing up for Halloween parties once again—or even during other festive occasions throughout the year such as Christmas parties where there might already be snowmen around everywhere else but none made yet!

College girls should not wear BORING costumes for Halloween.